Motorola Milestone 2 Android smartphone photos leak

The Droid 2, as it's known in the US, spotted at tech show

Image 1 of 4 Motorola Milestone 2
Motorola Milestone 2
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Motorola Milestone 2
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Motorola Milestone 2
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Motorola Milestone 2

Gizmodo reader gets a hands-on with Moto's new Android offering

The Android-powered Motorola Milestone (or Droid, as it’s known in Stateside) was a huge step in the right direction for Motorola when it launched earlier this year. Now rumours are gathering pace about its replacement, fuelled today by some hands-on pics submitted to gadget blog Gizmodo by one of their readers.

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Reader ‘Zack’ apparently found the Droid 2 sitting on a table at an in-house NASA tech show, and duly sent a couple of snaps and his opinion on to the meedja. His report was on the long side, so we’ve stripped out the key points below…

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On the camera: “The camera was definitely faster... It took a picture very quickly compared to the original.”

On the body: “It seems smoother than the original Droid. A lot more curves and less sharp edges. Held next to my original Droid, it seems exactly the same size The headphone jack, volume buttons, power/sleep button, and the Micro-USB port were all in the same place.”

On the Keyboard: “The keyboard is definitely wider and has blue coloring instead of the gold from the original.”

On the OS: “The device was running 2.1 and it had 8GB of internal memory as well as an 8GB micro-SD card.”

There’s no definite release date on the Droid 2 in the states or the Milestone 2 here in the UK, but it’s hinted that it’s not more than a month or two away. We’ll keep you posted with more news as we get it.

Link: Gizmodo