iPad 2: anti-reflective screen, dual cameras, faster chip

Analyst throws more fuel on iPad 2 rumour fire

Updates will see screen tweaked but resolution will stay the same.

Updated: Apple iPad 2 officially launches with front and rear-facing cameras, a dual core processor, and a slim new design. Read all about it here

With the iPad 2 still under lock and key at Cupertino, the rumour mill has once again kicked into gear this morning, with yet another analyst weighing in with his tuppence worth on the next-gen slate.

Ming-Chi Kuo from Concord Studies in Taiwan claims that the screen will not use Retina Display tech, instead focusing on anti-reflective features which will make the iPad 2 easier to use out and about.

On top of that, Kuo adds, "The most important reason why iPad 2 won’t have retinal [sic] display is yield rate of panel making. At this point, making high resolution and bright IPS/FFS panel is not easy and the production volume and cost couldn’t meet Apple’s requirements."

Size is also set to be a headline grabber, with the iPad 2 up to 35 per cent thinner than the current model. The processor is also set to be upped to 1.2GHz, a tad slower than some other Apple watchers are predicting.

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Via Apple Insider