HTC Desire HD is the best new Android phone, say T3 readers

HTC's flagship will beat Samsung Continuum

Android's second coming will be headed by the Desire's update

T3's polls always get the biggest response when Android's involved; a lot of you are devout lovers of Google's mobile platform. Last week's burning question was no different, generating big numbers. We asked which of the new breed of Android devices will be best, and the results spoke for themselves.

While the budget LG Optimus One and the upcoming Dell Thunder sat at the bottom of the table (with 7 and 6 per cent respectively), Samsung's Continuum wasn't much better, pulling in just 10.23 per cent of your votes. The new handset, which features dual Super AMOLED displays, was beaten in this instance by another (possible) Samsung number – the Google Nexus Two. The Nexus Two is now heavily rumoured to be called the Nexus S, but it only won favour with 20.45 per cent of you.

That leaves on clear winner then: The HTC Desire HD. The original Desire won Phone of the Year at the 2010 T3 Gadget Awards, and its successor has certainly impressed both us and a stonking 65.63 per cent of you. Want to see why? Read our full HTC Desire HD review here.

If you voted for a different Android handset, or if we've missed one out, let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.