HTC Chromebook on the way?

HTC considering Android and Chrome OS hybrid

With Chromebooks still very much in the niche market it looks as though 2012 may be its time to shine with companies like HTC hoping to get on board

HTC is apparently looking into the idea of creating a Chromebook that would run both Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Chrome OS in the hopes of merging the two markets together.

A source has reported that they are currently exploring the possibility of creating a device which would serve both the requirements of a internet-focused keyboard device and also that of a portable smartphone.

With the Samsung Chromebook 5 Series proving that Chromebooks are a viable alternative to laptops and ultrabooks it'll be interesting to see if the company carries through this idea and even produces a product to go with it.

Of course with Chromebooks only hoping to sell 25,000 - 30.000 units this year HTC will almost certainly be taking their time, watching how the market changes to see if Chrome OS will take of in 2012, for now though we'll have to wait and see if anything arrives in time for the Consumer Electronics Show 2012.

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Source: Digitimes