HTC Bliss: First look

New shots confirm specs for HTC Sense 3.5 phone

Having remained quiet on all things tech-related, the HTC Bliss has decided to show its pretty face again

The lucky people at XDA China have been able to get an up-close look at the new HTC Bliss.

Rumours were put to bed about front-facing cameras and whether it will run on HTC Sense 3.5; both of which have been confirmed and what is more, it will come in a variety of colours. The high-quality pictures show sleek curved corners in-line with HTC’s style but it appears longer than previous styles.

The HTC Bliss has been described as being “female oriented” and will apparently include a dangling charm that lights up when you have a missed call or new message. Furthermore, the Bliss is set to include female orientated apps such as a calorie counter and shopping companion which apparently females are concerned about? Hopefully these new pictures signify that the wait won’t be much longer to get your hands on the Bliss and to see if it lives up to expectation.

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Source: Engadget