BlackBerry PlayBook and BB 10 to become mobile gaming competitor?

RIM today announces new slew of gaming publishers for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry has unveiled a whole slew of new applications that will be coming to BB 10 and the Blackberry PlayBook as well as some serious gaming titles

RIM has today uveiled that the title Galaxy on Fire 2 HD will be coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook and to BlackBerry 10 after the game was given a live demo at BlackBerry World 2012.

Running at full HD resolution the game featured no lagging on the BlackBerry PlayBook while elsewhere the publisher Gameloft has confirmed that the upcoming HD title NOVA 3 will be available to BlackBerry 10.

Featuring graphics that have only been seen on the New iPad NOVA 3 has given a clear hint that BlackBerry 10 devices will be supporting really high-power hardware including dual-core processors and potentially quad-core devices as well.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha features:

With always-on multi-tasking the Blackberry 10 OS allows users to always access their notifications by simply swiping across the screen, this can then be used to swap applications as well with a graphical UI that looks similar to turning a page.

The keyboard has been completely updated for touchscreen handsets with fluid 'swype-style' predictive text and the ability to 'throw' predicted words up into the copy.

The camera has also been given a huge overhaul with users able to take a picture and then select an aspect of the photo and 'turn back time' by moving a slider across the screen