Apple TV: iOS 4 edition incoming?

Insiders say new set top box is in the works

New model based on iOS 4 being built by string of new Apple employees.

Never been convinced by Apple’s ‘hobby product’ Apple TV? Well it looks like Cupertino is about to give the set top box another shot, with a new look UI and design.

According to a New York Times report, Apple TV is going to be running a variant of iOS 4, with new staff with experience in broadcast design said to be tickling the mobile platform into shape.

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With a new cloud-based iTunes in the offing, it remains unclear whether this new proposition will exist simply on a new Apple TV, or if it’ll be pushed out as a software update for older models as well. Those on the ground say workers from outside the Apple TV group are beavering away on the project, pointing to something totally new being built.

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Via MacRumors