Angry Birds better than Cut the Rope say T3 readers

Highly addictive Angry Birds flys off T3 poll victor

Angry Birds dubbed 'better iPhone game'

Angry Birds is of unparallel quality according to T3 readers as the bird flinging app phenomenon was dubbed a better iPhone game than fellow Chillingo export; Cut the Rope.

With both Chillingo published titles selling millions of copies apiece, the only fair way to decide which of the two addictive puzzle titles is better was by shunning the Harry Hill, TV Burp-esq fight and giving the T3 readers the casting vote in a straight up head-to-head poll.

Taking the title of top iPhone game with a smidge over 70 per cent of the vote, Angry Birds has reinforced its position as the most popular app release of all time to see off the young pretender that is the increasingly talked about Cut the Rope.

Despite having sales in the multi-millions of units, there are some who suggest that Cut the Rope’s success is based solely on its following of Angry Birds on the Chillingo release list. However, with just 29.22 per cent of the votes, this may not be the case as almost a third of users claim to prefer it to Angry Birds.

The vast appeal of Angry Birds was summed up perfectly by T3 Facebook follower Sheldon Thomasson who understandably questioned: “How can 59p buy so much fun?”

Which side of the Angry Birds, Cut the Rope fence do you fall? Let us know by entering the T3 poll here or by dropping us a note via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.