Future tech: Your gadget life in the next 20 years

Glimpse into the not too distant tech future

T3 brings you the gadgets of the future, from this year's must-haves and our wish-list for iPad 2.0 to the design concepts That will shape your life in the coming decades...

If there’s one thing gadget fans love, it’s predicting the future, and one of the great things about working at T3 is that we get to hear about future tech developments early. Not being the types to keep anything under our hats, we’re always keen to pass the latest on to you so this month we’ve teamed up with the Alloy Design agency to look at the next evolutions in our Pulse, Play, Work and Home lives.

It’s all based on research currently being undertaken in the world’s labs and design studios, so click the links below to see what the future holds for the next 20 years of your gadget life

iPad 2.0: Features we hope to see

Sure the iPad's great, but here's how it could be better

- Click now to see the iPad of the future

Future Play

How augmented reality will change our tech fun

- Click now to see the gadgets to entertain you in the future

Augmented reality camera

Set to be your instant archiver and your essential travel guide

- Click now to see the future of augmented reality

Future Home

Prepare for the house that changes to suit your mood

- Click now to see the tech to furnish your future pad

Future Pulse

Forget traffic, here in your self-driving car you'll feel safest of all

- Click now to see the future of travel

Future Work

Brain shower some blue-sky thinking onto your bleeding edge... or you're fired!

- Click now to see work tech of the future