Logitech Pop Keys review: a keyboard with character

The Logitech Pop Keys will add a splash of colour to your desk

Logitech Pop Keys review
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The Logitech Pop Keys is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that feels like a typewriter to use with a satisfying click each time you tap it. You can buy it in three cool colours, the battery lasts for years and it has swappable emoji keys.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Connect up to 3 devices

  • +

    Swappable emoji keys

  • +

    3-year battery life

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Typing isn't completely accurate

  • -

    Made entirely from plastic

  • -

    No legs to prop it up

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This Logitech Pop Keys review is for those who don't do drab. It’s a fun tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that feels like a typewriter to use and it’s the best keyboard you can buy if you want to add a splash of colour to your desk setup.

Insta-worthy, TikTok friendly and Whatsapp ready - this keyboard looks really cool and even has dedicated emoji keys to speed up your online messaging. 

If you’re a gamer then you might be better off looking at T3’s guide to the best gaming keyboards because this one won’t deliver everything you need. 

Logitech Pop Keys review: price and availability 

Available to buy now, the Logitech Pop Keys will set you back $100 in the US, £90 in the UK and AU$130 in Australia. You can find out where to pick one up using the widgets on this page. Make sure you check our Logitech discount codes page to save on your order. 

You can buy the matching Logitech Pop Mouse from $40 / £35 / AU$50. 

Logitech Pop Keys review: design 

Logitech Pop Keys review

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You get the choice of three cool aesthetics when you buy the Logitech Pop Keys: daydream (mint, yellow and lavender), heartbreaker (rose) and blast (black and yellow). Each one will add a creative flair to your desk, and you can even complete the look with a matching Logitech Pop Mouse. 

The typewriter-style mechanical keys give an audible and satisfying click each time you tap one, but that does mean you might not want to use this around other people - it’s very loud. 

Each key is rounded to match your fingertips but because the keys are so tightly packed together and raised from the board, I found them prone to mistyping. If you spend all day tapping away then it could be worth looking for something a bit more accurate but if you don't then that won't be so much of an issue. 

It's a shame that there aren't legs on the underside to prop it up, as that would have made it more comfortable to type on.

Logitech Pop Keys review

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Made from thick plastic, the keyboard itself doesn’t feel particularly premium but it doesn’t really need to because it’s more about looks than anything else. 

The Logitech Pop Keys is actually very compact (35.4 x 321.2 x 138.47mm) so won’t take up too much space on your desk. You could take it to and from work or the library but it's a little on the heavy side for what it is (799g) so I'm not sure you would actually want to do that. 

Logitech Pop Keys review: features 

Logitech Pop Keys review

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Setting up the Logitech Pop Keys is super quick and easy because it's completely wireless. You can either use the Logi Bolt USB Receiver or connect it to your PC using Bluetooth. The best part is that you can have up to 3 devices hooked up at once so you can use it to type on your laptop, phone and tablet. You’ll also be able to instantly switch between them using the device keys along the top of the keyboard. 

One of the best features of the Logitech Pop Keys is the swappable emoji keys. Logitech has picked out eight of the most popular emojis including heart eyes, crying, thumbs up and fire to name a few. You get to have four on the board at once, with the key below taking you to the whole emoji library. If you use messaging apps on your computer a lot it’s actually really useful. 

You can programme all of the keys on this keyboard according to what you would like to use them for, you'll just need the Logitech Options desktop app. 

The Logitech Pop Keys has been built to last, the battery shouldn’t need replacing for about 3 years and the keys should last about 50 million keystrokes. Because of that, this is a pretty good investment that should survive for ages.

Logitech Pop Keys review: verdict 

Logitech Pop Keys review

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Your desk doesn’t have to be boring - the Logitech Pop Keys proves that. This bright, minimalist keyboard looks really cool, especially when you pair it with the Logitech Pop mouse. 

It’s not going to be the best choice for writers but for anyone else, the funky typewriter design makes your day that little bit more interesting. This would make a great gift too! Make sure you check our Logitech discount codes to help lower the price.

Logitech Pop Keys review: also consider  

If you work in the day and switch to games in the evening, then the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series is a really good looking piece of kit with bright RGB lighting. It’ll be much better for typing on as well. 

For those who just need a compact keyboard for working on, the Logitech MX Keys Mini is a great option. It’s small and light so you can quite easily slip it in your laptop case to carry it between your home and the office.  

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