When is Black Friday 2021? Key dates, deals and retailers to shop

Find out all the details about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, including when it starts, what deals are available and where to shop

When is Black Friday 2021, deals, sales, retailers
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Ready for the biggest shopping event of the year? Black Friday is coming up at the end of November and while we’re all excited for the Black Friday sales, deals and discounts, the coverage can sometimes be a bit overwhelming!

For everything you need to know about Black Friday – including its origins and when it’s starting this year – keep reading for all the details.

Best Black Friday deals

Best Black Friday deals
If you’re looking for some guidance on where to shop and what deals are currently running, check out our Black Friday deals hub. Full of the best retailers and deals, you’re sure to find great discounts and prices this year, whether you’re treating yourself or getting your Christmas shopping done early.

When is Black Friday this year?

Black Friday 2021 is on Friday 26th November. Sales are expected to run over this weekend and finish on Cyber Monday.

Dates: 26th - 29th November 2021

Most retailers set their deals live on the official Black Friday date but some shops and sites will start earlier. Typically, these deals are set live a week before, but some retailers like Amazon will start a full month before, in addition to their other deals! Some early Black Friday examples include:

Some retailers already have their Black Friday deals live, including Goldsmiths, Urban Outfitters and The Range. 

When is Cyber Monday this year?

Cyber Monday 2021 is on Monday 29th November. Along with Black Friday, Cyber Monday is one of the biggest shopping days of any year, and this year is going to be no different.

These two shopping holidays might sound very similar and the true is that they are! Traditionally, Black Friday is for both in-store and online, whereas Cyber Monday is purely online. Many retailers are already dropping early Cyber Monday deals and offers, so it's good to find some early discounts now.

What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is an unofficial holiday that originated in the US in the 1900s, and is the Friday after the American holiday, Thanksgiving. As Americans have the fourth Thursday and Friday in November off every year to celebrate Thanksgiving, retailers and stores dropped their prices for the day to kick off the Christmas season.

While it’s traditionally US-based, the UK and other countries around the world have also caught on. The UK started its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the 2010s and it’s now a big shopping event to help shoppers get ready for Christmas. 

Cyber Monday is similar to Black Friday and is held on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Typically, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals run over this weekend, so you get a full 4 days of discounted prices!

What Black Friday deals will there be?

At T3, we’re dedicated to covering Black Friday to help our readers find and shop the best deals and offers available on this holiday. We have a few predictions for what products we expect to be discounted and in high demand, including Apple products, 4K TVs, gaming consoles, headphones and mattresses.

For more information on our predictions, visit our Best Black Friday deals hub for all the details. If you want to view specific retailers, take a look at the links below for more.

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