What the T3 team are buying in the Black Friday sales 2022

The Black Friday deals are live, and here’s what T3 are buying in this year’s sales

What T3 are buying for Black Friday, Black Friday deals & sales
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The best Black Friday deals are officially here! This week, shoppers can find low prices and cheap deals across a variety of retailers and stores in the Black Friday sales. If you want to upgrade your tech stack, stock up on essentials or get ahead of your Christmas gift buying, the Black Friday weekend is the best place to do some serious shopping.

At T3, we’re dedicated to helping our readers find amazing deals from the top retailers. We’ve covered the Black Friday sales for years, so we know a thing or two about how to find the best prices. This week, we’ll be highlighting the very best offers from the Black Friday sales, so make sure to visit our Deals page for all the latest deals and discounts.

To help you find the best prices and offer some shopping inspiration, the T3 team are giving you an insight into what we’re planning on buying this year. Keep reading for all the details.

Mat Gallagher, Editor-in-Chief:

Microwave deals

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My purchases this year are definitely more practical than aspirational. Having had to restock on electrical appliances in the past few months, the biggest thing on my list is a new microwave. Obviously, being a big tech fan, it can't be any microwave. I want something that looks stylish in my kitchen, has plenty of space to reheat bigger dishes, and plenty of easy one-touch features, to save on effort. Hopefully I can find a model at a decent discount, as I'm pretty flexible on the brand and the AO.com Black Friday sale has some pretty good looking offers.

Rob Jones, Deputy Editor:

Samsung Odyssey

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This year I'll be looking to buy in two product areas in the Black Friday sales. Firstly, I'll be looking for Philips Hue smart lighting bargains, with a specific focus on light switches and hanging lights. Philips Hue makes the best smart lights in the world and ever since I wrote T3's Philips Hue review, I've been hooked. I'd like a deal on Hue's Festiva smart fairy lights, too, but I can't see it happening so soon after their launch. I also wouldn't say no to big discounts on any of the best Philips Hue Outdoor lights, either.

Secondly, I'm going to browse for discounts on any of the best curved gaming monitors money can buy right now. Ideally, the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 suddenly gets a huge 75% price cut, but as that isn't actually going to happen in reality I'm going to be looking for price cuts on curved gaming monitors from AOC, Lenovo and LG. A fat discount on, say, the AOC AGON CU343S would fit the bill nicely.

Mike Lowe, Tech & AV Editor:

Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset review

(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

The PlayStation 5 kit is going to be super popular this Black Friday, and I'm going to be yet another punter lining up for the best deal I can find on Sony accessories. It's the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless headset that I'm keenest to bag though. I called it hands-down the best PS5 headset money can buy in my review, as it delivers convincing three-dimensional audio and is ideal to use when you don't want to bother others. It was relatively affordable at launch, but sales have seen that price drop further to make it an even more appealing buy this Black Friday.

Duncan Bell, Lifestyle Editor:

Flight Sim Controller

(Image credit: Currys)

I'm looking for a Flight Sim Controller for my boyfriend, who loves all that kind of stuff. The only question is whether to go for the classic 'yoke' style of controller, which is like an aeronautical steering wheel, or a joystick, which is what 99% of planes actually use in the 21st century. The latter may be more authentic but the old-school one is considerably cooler, unless you are using it to pilot a fighter jet, which would result in your almost certain demise.

Matt Kollat, Fitness Editor:

Columbia Lodge Hybrid Pullover

(Image credit: Columbia)

While in previous years I was selfishly shopping for myself on Black Friday – I know, I'm terrible – in 2022, I'll be focusing on finding cheap Christmas presents ideas for my loved ones. My son's interested in microphones and content creation, so I think he might like a Rode NT-USB Mini or a Logitech for Creators Litra Glow light (maybe both?). My fiancé is always cold, so hopefully, she'd appreciate a toasty The North Face fleece or the Columbia Lodge Hybrid Pullover. If I have any money left, I'll get a Vocaster One for myself (again, so selfish).

Spencer Hart, Style & Travel Editor:

Water Wipes

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I have a newborn son, he's very cute (I have a million pictures of him already if you want to see) but he also gets through an unbelievable amount of nappies and wipes. I'm talking about an extraordinary amount that nothing can prepare you for. So this year, instead of treating myself to something fun, like a new camera or television, I'll be bulk-buying Eco Naty nappies and Water Wipes, enough to survive the upcoming nuclear apocalypse. If I have any money left, then maybe I'll get him a few toys, because, hey, he has to do something in between nappy changes.

Beth Girdler-Maslen, Acting Wellness Editor:

Emma Pillow

(Image credit: Emma)

In the Black Friday sales, I’m looking for cheap prices on kitchen appliances and sleep products to update my flat with. Starting off in the bedroom, my current pillow is just not cutting it anymore, and I keep waking up with neck pains, so I’m on the hunt for price cuts on the best pillows. I’ve already scoped out 3 pillows from the Black Friday sales, and I’ve got my eye on the Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow which is 50% off in the Emma sale. I also want to update my plates and mugs, so I’m going to treat myself to the Le Creuset Black Friday sale which has up to 40% off.

Troy Fleming, Deals Editor (US):

Masterbuilt electric smoker

(Image credit: Amazon)

Over the past few months, I've been looking into smokers and dehydrators. Mainly to start making my own beef and mushroom jerky. There hasn't been a decent Black Friday deal on a smoker just yet, but this Masterbuilt electric smoker just got a 40% discount and I may have just found what I'm looking for. For only $120, it's a great price and is exactly what I was looking for size wise.

Yasmine Crossland, Reviews Writer:

Philips Hue Go

(Image credit: Amazon)

This year, I'm going to be keeping my eyes peeled for a deal on the Philips Hue Go 2.0, a portable bowl-shaped smart light that you can control by voice or through the Philips Hue smartphone app. It may sound quite specific but I really want a smart light that doesn't have to stay in one room, and you can use it anywhere, including out in the garden as long as it's within range of the Wi-Fi network. I can't wait to take my mood lighting around the house with me.

Sam Cross, Trainee Online Writer:


(Image credit: Amazon)

I've got my eye out for a ridiculously good TV deal this year. I've been tempted by the slew of deals already on offer – particularly this LG C2 deal. I've yet to pull the trigger, though. There have already been a wealth of fantastic offers available, but I'm gambling on something even better coming up on Black Friday.

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