Virgin Media offers unlimited 08 calls on VIP Plus SIM

The 30-day-plan includes unlimited data, texts and calls

Virgin Media has unveiled another SIM-only tariff that offers inclusive calls to 08 numbers on a 30 day basis.

The VIP Plus tariff is priced at £18 per month allowing customers to get an unlimited package for a 30 day period without having to commit to a lengthy contract.

“We're delighted to be unveiling another market leading Virgin Media tariff as we become the first to offer inclusive calls to 08 numbers on a 30 day, SIM Only mobile contract,” said Jamie Heywood, Director of Mobile for Virgin Media.

VIP Plus gives customers unlimited calls to 0800, 0870, 0845 and 0808 numbers.

The new package is an extension from Virgin's previous 30 day £15 VIP SIM Only tariff, which went on to become a top seller.

According to GfK UK sales data, the network's VIP SIM was the UK's overall top selling unlimited SIM only tariff.

The deal was also the top selling overall SIM contract in the UK over four of the last five months.

SIM cards are available in all sizes, especially now that iPhones are available on the Virgin network.

Virgin Media's VIP PLUS is available to buy now online, in store or over the phone.