Fibre broadband deal: Upgrade to fibre and get a FREE £20 Amazon UK gift card

Vodafone has unleashed a brilliant fibre broadband deal

Vodafone Broadband Fibre Deal Discount Amazon Gift Card

If you're looking to upgrade your home internet to a brand-new fibre broadband connection, we've got a corking deal for you. If you've got a slew of smart home appliances, a penchant for online multiplayer games, or just want to avoid a single second of buffering when catching up on Game Of Thrones – this should help.

Vodafone is handing out £20 gift cards when you sign up for its fibre broadband plans at the moment. That means you'll be able to treat yourself as a reward just for signing up to the new home broadband plan.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Choose any of Vodafone's Superfast fibre broadband plans, which start from just £21 a month, and you'll be eligible to receive an Amazon UK gift voucher (just in time for the Prime Day sales, too!).

If you're tempted to upgrade your home broadband plan, you should add this Vodafone Superfast fibre plan to your online shopping basket sooner rather than later. This blockbuster deal expires on Sunday April 21, 2019. So, you've only got a few days to take advantage of the offer and secure your Amazon gift card.

Best fibre broadband deals from Vodafone:

Vodafone Superfast 1 | FREE activation | FREE £20 Amazon Gift Card | 35Mb avg speed | Line rental inc. | £11.99 upfront delivery cost | £21 a month
First up – the cheapest plan from Vodafone. The Superfast fibre broadband costs a jaw-droppingly good £21 a month. With a speed guarantee of 25Mb, this is one of the best value fibre deals out there today. And when you factor in the £20 gift card, the effective monthly cost is less than £20 a month!View Deal

Vodafone Superfast 2 | FREE activation | FREE £20 Amazon Gift Card | 63Mb avg speed  | Line rental inc. | £11.99 upfront delivery cost | £26 a month
Want to get even faster broadband speeds to keep your household of hungry Ultra HD streamers satisfied? It's definitely worth coughing up an extra £5 a month to unlock the staggeringly fast average speeds of 63Mb. That's the equivalent download speed of almost 8MB per second.View Deal

Vodafone says it'll take up to 120 days after you sign up for the Superfast 1 and Superfast 2 fibre broadband plan to verify your purchase. Once verified, details of how to claim the voucher will be sent to your email address. You'll then have 90 days to claim the voucher.

Ultimate Speed Guarantee

This is something that's truly unique about Vodafone broadband plans. The company offers new fibre broadband customers a speed guarantee with minimum speeds of 25Mb for Superfast 1 and 55Mb for Superfast 2.

If you sign-up for one of these contracts and do not get these guaranteed speeds, customers will be entitled to a 15% discount off their next monthly bill. If you haven't heard of this kind of guarantee before, it's probably because Vodafone is the only broadband provider to offer such a speed guarantee nationwide in the UK.