4 of the best duvet deals in the Black Friday sales

Update your bedding with the best Black Friday duvet deals

Black Friday duvet deals
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Black Friday might be over but this weekend is still seeing amazing offers and discounts in the best Black Friday deals (opens in new tab). If you’re on the hunt for a new duvet, you’re in luck as the top mattress and bedding companies are still slashing prices on their best selling products.

The best duvets (opens in new tab) are the perfect mix of warmth, comfort and breathability, so you can sleep underneath them throughout the year for the best night’s sleep. Whether you prefer down, feathers, wool, microfibre or bamboo, our favourite duvets are now discounted by up to 50% off, so you can save money on a new sleep set-up and stay toasty warm this winter. If you’re not sure what size you need, check out our duvet size guide (opens in new tab) for more.

We’ve searched the best Black Friday sales (opens in new tab) far and wide to find the best duvet deals you can get this weekend and in the Cyber Monday deals (opens in new tab). 4 of the best premium quality duvets are now on sale: the Emma Cloud Duvet, Nectar Duvet, Simba Hybrid Duvet and the Panda Cloud Bamboo Duvet. We’ve given these duvets a thorough testing and found them to be warm, snuggly, temperature regulating and made from luxurious materials.

To help you get the best duvets for half price this Black Friday, we’ve rounded up the latest deals on our favourite duvets from Emma, Nectar, Simba and Panda. If you’re interested in a new mattress, we have a full guide to the best Black Friday mattress deals (opens in new tab) for all offers from top mattress companies this year. We’ve also rounded up 3 of our favourite pillows (opens in new tab) which currently have huge price cuts, so you can save on a complete sleep set-up.

Emma Cloud Duvet (Double): £135 (opens in new tab)

Emma Cloud Duvet (Double): £135, £67.50 at Emma (opens in new tab)
Get the Emma Cloud Duvet for half price in the Emma Black Friday sale. This 6.7 tog duvet is lightweight, breathable and cooling, making it the perfect duvet for spring and autumn. It’s made of microfibre materials that gives it a cloud-like feel, and now it’s 50% off! Read our Emma Cloud Duvet review for all the details.

Nectar Duvet (Double): £100 (opens in new tab)

Nectar Duvet (Double): £100, £57 at Nectar (opens in new tab)
Save £43 on the Nectar Duvet in this Black Friday deal. This duvet is nicknamed the ‘all-season duvet’ with its 10.5 tog, advanced Smartfil fibres and modal materials. This duvet looks and feels good, wicks away sweat and controls the temperature nicely. For all the specs, check out our Nectar Duvet review.

Simba Hybrid Duvet (Double): £199 (opens in new tab)

Simba Hybrid Duvet (Double): £199, £149.25 at Simba (opens in new tab)
The Simba Hybrid Duvet is now 25% off in the Simba Cyber Monday sale. In our Simba Hybrid Duvet review, we commented that it’s “designed to regulate temperature and manages it admirably well, via its well stitched attractive looking fabric.” It’s a little on the pricey side but the Simba Hybrid Duvet is now £50 this weekend.

Panda Cloud Bamboo Duvet (Double): £129.95 (opens in new tab)

Panda Cloud Bamboo Duvet (Double): £129.95, £110.46 at Panda London (opens in new tab)
Get 15% off the Panda Cloud Bamboo Duvet in the Black Friday sales. For those with allergies or sensitive skin, the Panda Cloud Bamboo Duvet is made of bamboo which is naturally hypoallergenic. We gave this luxurious eco-friendly duvet 5 stars in our Panda Cloud Bamboo Duvet review and loved its premium feel, innovative materials and softness.

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