This Xbox One S and extra controller bundle from Amazon is a Black Friday steal

Double up on the fun with a brand new Xbox One S and a second controller, all for under £200

Xbox One S controllers
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Have you bought anything yet? Now the best Black Friday deals are in full swing, the time to pounce is now. If you've been browsing the games console deals hoping to snag yourself a new Xbox One S, you're in luck: Amazon is offering a very impressive bundle consisting of an Xbox One S 1TB Console – that's reams of storage – with an extra controller worth £50 absolutely free. 

This very tidy bundle deal has been slashed in price from £250 down to a very reasonable £179.99 from Amazon. Save over £70 on this great bundle designed to get you and friend playing together in the same room, just like the old days. Remember split-screen, before shouting at teenagers over the internet on Fortnite became the norm? 

Well, you can do that too, we suppose. Check out the full deal below: 

Xbox One S with extra controller | was £250.00 | now £179.99 at Amazon

Xbox One S with extra controller | was £250.00 | now £179.99 at Amazon
This deal offers an insane level of value for money, bundling in an additional controller with the excellent Xbox One S console, which is lighter, smaller and faster than the original. The controller alone is worth £50, but the console is discounted even further, netting you a total bundle saving of £70. Bargain. 

Why buy an Xbox One S? 

Slick, refined, smaller and simpler, the Xbox One S improved on the original in almost every way. While the Xbox One S' biggest changes are arguably all cosmetic, with little else of note changing under the hood, each change is for the better and, no matter how hard you try, it is impossible not to be impressed by the system's ability to act not just as a slick gaming console but also a simple-to-use, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player and streamer. So what are you going to play first?

  • Not keen on the Xbox One S? Perhaps the Xbox One X will do the trick.

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