This 5-star Kärcher steam cleaner is a hot and wet pre-Black Friday deal

Got a hard floor? Make easy work of cleaning it with £50 (25%) off the SC3 Upright

Kärcher SC3 Upright deals
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Our hard floor cleaning correspondent, Derek Adams, recently tried out the Kärcher SC3 Upright EasyFix and he hasn't been so excited in years. The steam mop scored a full 5 stars and a T3 Platinum Award, and as if to celebrate, it turns out that it's also available at a knock-down price right now, at practically any retailer you care to visit.

• Buy Kärcher SC3 Upright EasyFix Premium for £160, direct from Kärcher (was £210)

If you've got sealed wood, laminate or tiled floors, this is a great offer. Why wait for the Black Friday sales? Even the Best Black Friday deals are unlikely to be more useful to owners of filthy hard floors. 

Kärcher SC3 Upright EasyFix Premium £160 | Was £210 | Save £50 at Kärcher

Kärcher SC3 Upright EasyFix Premium £160 | Was £210 | Save £50 at Kärcher
Enter the steam age with this brilliantly simple mop from heavyweight cleaning specialist Kärcher. All you have to do is fill the half-litre tank, wait a mere 30 seconds, then effortlessly cleans up to 60m2 of floor space. There's a mode for refreshing carpets and rugs, as well as two hard floor modes – one for tiles, one for wood/laminate.

Kärcher SC3 Upright EasyFix £150 | Was £200 | Save £50 at Kärcher

Kärcher SC3 Upright EasyFix £150 | Was £200 | Save £50 at Kärcher
ALSO ON SALE: Karcher has also cut the price of the standard model of the SC3 Upright. It's functionally identical to the Premium one but comes with one microfibre cloth instead of three. Oh and it's yellow, as you can see.

Kärcher SC2 Upright EasyFix £95 | Was £130 | Save £35 at AO

Kärcher SC2 Upright EasyFix £95 | Was £130 | Save £35 at AO
If you want an even cheaper option, there's also money off the SC2. It's got a slightly smaller tank and no carpet mode but is otherwise all but identical to the pricier SC3. Deals on the SC2 are on at multiple retailers right now but AO has edged it with an extra £5 off. 

Why you should buy a Kärcher Upright steam mop

Just take a look at our Kärcher SC3 Upright EasyFix Premium review! There, we said that this upright steam mop is 'a superb steam cleaner that's perfect for most types of hard floor, and can even be used to 'refresh' thin-pile carpet. It’s relatively light in the hand, easy to use and one of the most effective ways to clean a floor right down to microscopic level,' concluding that it comes, 'Hotly recommended.'

We praised its effectiveness on multiple floor types, but the SC3 scored particularly highly on tiles, where it transformed the floor's colour from 'a sort of faint yellow' to 'a more whiteish tone, leaving our reviewer 'gobsmacked'. You can't say fairer than that.

It's also worth noting that as well as cleaning, steam kills up to 99.999% of bacteria on your floors. That's great news for clean fiends and anyone who wants to sterilise their bathroom, kitchen or kids' room. Or any other room, come to that.

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