Best Black Friday sales on laptops

Laptops have always been among the biggest bestsellers on Black Friday so expect door-busting deals again this year

Black Friday laptop deals
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On the hunt for a new laptop? The best Black Friday laptop deals are your best bet for getting one for much less than you’d normally pay. Black Friday is only weeks away and early discounts are already starting to roll out. 

Black Friday deals abound on notebooks new and old. You’ll find deep discounts on models from the previous years, as well as decent ones on those that hit the shelves this year, especially Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg. This means that you won’t be limited to older components and features, and should have your pick of the latest laptops if that’s what you’re looking for. Those who don’t mind innards from the last couple of years, on the other hand, will have the benefit of getting a laptop for a bargain.

We’re not just talking about laptops for home, work or school. Even the most premium gaming and creators laptops like the highly-coveted Alienware models and the Acer ConceptD will be cheaper than they’ve ever been. 

Of course, if you can’t find anything you like on and in the days leading up to Black Friday – an impossible feat, if you ask us – there’s also the weekend after and Cyber Monday. And, you have us to help you. These are the best Black Friday sales on laptops we’ve found so far.

Best Black Friday sales on laptops

Apple MacBook Air M1
The M1 chip that now powers Apple’s thinnest and lightest has been such a game-changer, and it probably has the most profound effect on the previously underpowered MacBook Air (opens in new tab). With the M1 under its hood, this laptop has gone from being a casual user’s notebook to something worthy of creators. We look forward to seeing it cheaper than ever this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Asus ROG Zephyrus gaming laptops
The Asus ROG Zephyrus line of laptops, especially the G15 and the G14 models, are among the best gaming laptops (opens in new tab) of 2021 – nay, in history! Touting powerful specs, excellent battery, and a smart design for much less than you’d expect. They’re the perfect combination of performance and price, in fact, which means they’re what you want to keep an eye for when doing your Black Friday shopping.

Dell XPS 13/15/17
It’s no secret that the Dell XPS notebooks are the best Windows laptops hands down. They’ve pretty much mastered that balancing act of being beautiful and powerful at the same time. However, they do cost a lot, and even the Dell XPS 13 (opens in new tab) – the smallest of the bunch – will cost you a hefty sum. Luckily, Dell is a big fan of Black Friday, and consistently rolls out amazing deals on most of its products. Yes, including these premium ones. If you’ve been pining after the XPS line, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to hit that buy button.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4
Fans of the Surface line are pleased with this 2021 release thanks to its beautiful display, great keyboard, and lightweight design. But budget consumers likely still find it out of reach. Luckily, Microsoft holds its own deals on Black Friday as well, and both Amazon and Best Buy have the Laptop 4 (opens in new tab) on hand. So, seeing it at cheaper than ever on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is highly likely.

Acer Swift 3/5/7/X
We’re fans of the somewhat underrated Acer Swift series. These sleek and minimalist yet powerful notebooks are terrific for everyone. From students who are looking for something capable yet affordable (Acer Swift 3 (opens in new tab)) to business folks who want impressive power (Acer Swift X (opens in new tab)), this family of laptops has something for everyone. They’re just the thing to keep an eye out for this Black Friday.

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch M1
The MacBook Pro 14-inch and MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021) may be out and outperforming pretty much everything, but they’ve also made the MacBook Pro 13-inch M1 much more appealing to budget-minded folks. This 13-inch model, which boasts that fast and powerful M1 chip, will keep the price grounded and affordable for most people. In fact, it’s the most affordable way to get into the MacBook Pro family right now. And, it should see price drops where it’s being sold on Black Friday, making it even more accessible.

Alienware gaming laptops
Premium gaming laptops are the dream, and Alienware’s offerings are the height of that dream. These powerful gaming workhorses, including the newer Alienware X (opens in new tab), are gorgeous and breathtakingly powerful. Unfortunately, they’re also among the most expensive out there. But, with Dell, Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart consistently offering Black Friday deals on these, year after year, you can definitely get them for cheaper.

Top Retailers

Dell laptops deals (opens in new tab)
The Dell online store on Black Friday feels like Christmas morning. Dell doesn’t hold back on Black Friday deals on laptops, PC and accessories so get ready to have your mind blown. It’s got everything as well, from lightning deals that last for 24 hours or less to deals that go on while supplies last. And, if you’re looking to score one of those excellent Dell laptops, including Chromebooks, its online store is your one-stop-shop. Just keep those fingers nimble as its deals run out fast.
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Amazon laptop deals (opens in new tab)
If you want more brand diversity, then Amazon has to be your first stop. The online retailer knows how in-demand Black Friday deals on laptops are, and it spoils shoppings with practically limitless options, rolling out many of its sales days before Black Friday even starts. Just be prepared to be a bit flexible as sometimes, you may not find the exact configuration you want.
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Best Buy laptop deals (opens in new tab)
If you can't find what you want on Dell and Amazon (or you’re just loyal to Best Buy), then Best Buy must be your next stop. It might have ever so slightly limited options as far as configurations, but it has practically every single laptop model in its inventory, and many of them see massive price drops come Black Friday. Plus, if you’re a Best Buy member, you might even score better deals or combine them with any existing member discount.
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Walmart laptop deals (opens in new tab)
Walmart carries every single laptop brand at their online store and puts many of its laptop models on sale days before Black Friday. In fact, you’ll have better options (and chances of surviving the madness) if you shop online. It even has a refurbished section for you to peruse if you’re looking for bargain-basement prices.
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Newegg laptop deals (opens in new tab)
Online retailer Newegg rolls out many Black Friday deals on electronics and computers as well, which means it’s another great place to find money-saving laptop deals. It’s not big on giving its shopping the flexibility of choosing configurations. Rather, it displays every configuration it has on-hand as its own listing so finding the ideal one might take a bit more time. However, it does offer great deals so it’s worth that bit of hard work.
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