Best Black Friday Apple Pencil deals

With excellent Black Friday deals on the Apple Pencil, you’ll find that you can get expressive on your iPad for less

Best Black Friday Apple Pencil deals
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Much like last year, Black Friday deals on the Apple Pencil abound, with big-name online retailers slashing the prices on both models during one of the biggest sale events of the year.

But, is the popular iPad accessory worth spending money on, especially with this year’s holiday shopping list growing? Absolutely. Whether you primarily utilize your iPad for your creative work, rely on it to schedule your tasks and organize your life, or use it to take notes in class, the Apple Pencil will be a fantastic investment that will make those interactions with your tablet a lot easier and a whole lot more seamless.

There are a couple of Apple Pencil models to choose from – the first generation that normally goes for $99 (£89) and the second generation that will set you back $129 (£119), both of which are sure to see deep discounts this Black Friday, which means you’ve also got options. Depending on your needs, budget, and iPad model, you should be able to find your ideal made-for-iPad stylus for much less than it normally costs. 

Here are the best Black Friday Apple Pencil deals we’ve found in the US so far.

Best Black Friday Apple Pencil deals

Apple Pencil (1st Generation)
The first-generation Apple Pencil might be a bit older now, but it isn’t by any means obsolete. The iPad mini 5th-generation and iPad Air 3rd generation, both released in 2019, still support it. As does the newest iPad that rolled out in September this year. That makes it an appealing option for not just those with older iPads, but also those who remain true to the original line. And, this Black Friday, it’s expected to drop in price, much like last year.

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)
Improved ergonomics, performance, and charging are only three of the many reasons why you should upgrade to the second-generation Apple Pencil. It also comes with that highly effective ability to attach itself magnetically for easy storage. Of course, for owners of the new iPad Pros, Airs and minis, it’s the only choice. It is a bit pricier than the previous generation. However, you should see it cheaper than ever this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Top Retailers

Amazon Apple Pencil deals (opens in new tab)
You can always count on Amazon for having the best Black Friday deals on all things tech. This year, it should offer such great discounts on the Apple Pencil for US customers again. We expect both models of the Apple Pencil to drop in prices – although, with the recent release of the new iPad and iPad mini, we don’t quite know how long stock will hold out.
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Best Buy Apple Pencil deals (opens in new tab)
Best Buy is among the best online retailers for tablets and tablet accessories, including stylus pens. So it should have both Apple Pencils on hand and at a discount for Black Friday. The retailer also currently offers free shipping for these items so we expect that to extend through the holiday season.
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Walmart Apple Pencil deals (opens in new tab)
Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals abound at Walmart, which means that both Apple Pencil models will be on hand at discounted prices during these big sale events this year. As will other Apple products like the new iPad mini and the incomparable Magic Keyboard for iPads.
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Target Apple Pencil deals (opens in new tab)
Target might not the most obvious choice for electronics, but it holds its own Black Friday and Cyber Monday tech sales as well. So, it’s reasonable to expect it would have the Apple Pencil at a discounted price during these sale events. It’s a good place to check, at the very least.
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