The best Apple deals for July 2024

Looking for an Apple deal? Find the lowest prices on everything Apple has to offer in one place

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Welcome to T3's guide to the best Apple deals, bringing you the lowest prices on Apple's current range of products. The last year has been great for Apple products, with major updates to almost all of its line-up, plus some excellent new releases.

Of course, if one of these new products is tempting you, it'd be nice to save some money when buying it, wouldn't it? That's exactly what this guide is for – to help you find the current best price on all of Apple's key products. You can skip straight to the kind of product you want, and the prices are updated automatically, always showing you the cheapest option from all the biggest retailers.

More people than ever will be buying online rather than in-store this year, for obvious reasons, and the stores know this too, and will definitely want to offer something to tempt you to shop with them instead of their rivals, so we've already seen some great discounts this sale season.

Best iPhone deals

Apple deals iPhone 12

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Apple launched the new iPhone 13 models more recently, so we wouldn't expect to see huge price reductions there in general, but you might see some cut-price deals from smaller networks looking to make a splash, or some bigger networks offering better-value bundles at the same price – doubling the data, say, or throwing in free headphones.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 have come down in price officially, so there may well be further price cuts there – and the iPhone 12 Pro was discontinued, so keep your eye out for big price drops on the remaining stock of those handsets, which could make for a fantastic deal.

Now that the new iPhone SE has been out for a while, there's a great chance of that having some great deals as well – again, probably more with a drop in up-front costs or better-value contracts than a straight price cut.

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Best Apple Watch deals

Best deals Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch has been a colossal hit, especially in the time since Apple has been able to offer cheaper model (and when it's included in sales, of course). With the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE released in the second half of 2020, we're sure some stores will be keen to cut a cheeky 10% or so off the price of those – especially some of the more premium options – to get some attention.

But the real prize this year might be the Apple Watch Series 5, which is still a fantastic option overall, and has been discontinued by Apple, so the remaining stock could go for really cheap prices.

The best Apple Watch Series 6 deals

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Best iPad deals

Apple deals iPad

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The best iPad (9th gen) 10.2-inch deals

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The best iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2020) deals

The best iPad mini 5 deals

Best iPod touch deals

best apple deals 2020

The iPod lives! Though all other iPod devices have been consigned to history, the touchscreen iPod – basically, an iPhone without the phone parts – is still a big hit, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Best MacBook Air deals

Apple deals MacBook Air 2020

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The MacBook Air has just been given a revolutionary update, with Apple's first processor for Macs: the M1. This makes it anywhere between 2x and 3x as fast as previous models, depending on what you're doing, all in a totally silent fanless design with 18 hours of battery life! It's an incredible machine.

This means that older versions with Intel processors are seeing some immediate discounts, so if you want the cheapest possible Apple laptop, keep your eyes peeled there!

Best MacBook Pro deals

Apple Cyber Monday deals MacBook Pro

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The best MacBook Pro 13-inch deals

The MacBook Pro 13-inch has also received Apple's new M1 processor, making it much faster than previous models, and still effectively silent thanks to an ultra-quiet fan. It has a brighter screen than the MacBook Air, even more battery life, and the Touch Bar display for extra shortcuts.

Apple is also still selling Intel versions of the MacBook Pro 13-inch, though, which can offers high maximum levels of RAM and more ports, so you can choose what your priorities are. Don't forget to check out our best monitors for MacBook Pro too!

The best MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch deals

The new MacBook Pro 14-inch & 16-inch (2021) are the most powerful laptops Apple has ever made, packing eight or 10 cores of processing power, up to 64GB of memory, astounding graphics option (up to the power of a PS5!), and a gorgeous mini-LED screen that delivers pro-quality HDR. You also get a more flexible range of ports, and long battery life.

Best iMac deals

The best iMac 24-inch deals

Apple iMac 2021 being used in office by two women

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Ever since the famous Bondi Blue iMac debuted way back in 1998, Apple’s all-in-one desktop computer has been setting standards in gorgeous design and powerful performance. 

The new 24-inch iMac is no difference, delivering eight cores of processing power from the M1 chip in a frame as thin as a laptop. You get a stunning 24-inch screen with better-than-4K resolution too, and it comes in a range of colours, with matching accessories.

At the moment, the 27-inch iMac still uses Intel chips, and gives a more flexible range of spec options as a result.