The best Amazon Echo Black Friday deals

The gadget that paved the way for the Amazon Echo range is smarter and prettier than ever, so check out these Amazon Echo Black Friday deals

Amazon Echo Black Friday deals
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The Amazon Echo is the original AI speaker, and while Amazon has made some improvements to it over the years, its still one of the cheapest options in the Echo range. Now, you can purchase it at an even lower price with these great Amazon Echo Black Friday deals. 

While we can thank the techier Echo models for the great value of the original Amazon Echo, the device should not to be knocked. In fact, anyone looking for an AI device should consider it.

One of the Amazon Echo’s best attributes is its range of external design options. With cloth, wooden, black, and metal finishes available, it has the rare ability to blend in with the decor of almost any room. And its ability to integrate into the home doesn’t stop at appearance. 

Although it has paved the way for another four Amazon Echo models, the Amazon Echo is still a great choice if you're looking for a clever AI device. On board is Amazon’s Alexa, an AI that responds to, and understands, a huge range of commands  —  and recording your shopping list and telling you the weather is just the start.

The Amazon Echo also makes a great smart home control centre. Whether you’re looking to voice control your lights, turn on the coffee machine, or switch on your home security system, the Amazon Echo recognises a vast number of voice commands that’ll allow you to create the smartest home in your neighbourhood. 

 The best Amazon Echo Black Friday deals 

Amazon Echo Black Friday deals

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With multiple designs to choose from, and featuring Amazon's smart Alexa technology, these Amazon Echo Black Friday deals make investing in the original model even more worthwhile.

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