T3 Agenda: The Sonos Playbase finally arrives, an app-enabled pet flap and more

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In today's edition of the T3 Agenda, we gear up for our incoming review of the Sonos Playbase, we take a look at the first app-powered pet flap and more...

Excited for the Sonos Playbase? Our hands-on review is almost here

Are you excited for Sonos' much anticipated two-in-one cinema sound device? Of course you are, and you'll be pleased to learn our hands-on review will arrive on this very site shortly. 

The low-profile design has already been making waves and last month we put together six undeniable reasons to get all hot under the collar. For instance, we cover how soundbases are far better than soundbars, how well it works with Alexa and how it's a doddle to set up. In other words, it's a great bit of kit and we can't wait to share our thoughts on it.

So keep T3.com bookmarked and be sure to check back here shortly for our hands-on Sonos Playbase review.

Charge your phone and back up your data all at once with the handy Toshiba Canvio

Charging pads are pretty commonplace these days, but how about a third-party device that doesn't just charge your phone, but back up all your data while its filling with juice.

It's called the Canvio, and it comes the minds at Toshiba, offering an easy-to-use setup that enables you to keep your daily photos, videos, contacts and other media secure every time you charge your dog and bone.

It's also great for transferring data to a new smartphone should you want to sync up your media, and can be a life saver if you happen to smash your phone or drop it in water. Thankfully, most of your data will be saved and preserved for your next handset.

You can buy one today for only £71 from Insight.com.

Future proof your animal-friendly home with the first app-enabled pet flap

Pet lifestyle specialist SureFlap today has unveiled its latest animal-friendly gadget - the Microchip Pet Door Connect, the world’s first app-enabled pet door. The Sure Petcare App enables us pet owners to control our pet door/flap remotely from a smartphone or tablet, as well as monitoring said pets’ activity and habits.

Available this summer, the Microchip Pet Door Connect builds on firm's own Microchip Pet Door, which offers your pet access to your home only when their existing identification microchip is recognised.

You can log and track your pets’ activity throughout the day, use data to reveal changes in your pets’ behavior or wellbeing,  remotely lock or unlock the pet door anytime, anywhere and even set curfews to keep your pets in at specified times during the day.

The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect, which includes the Microchip Pet Door, SureFlap RDIS collar tags and user guide will be available this summer with a price tag of £119.99.

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