Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be lighter but with a bigger external screen, claims trusted source

Samsung plans to tackle the threat of the OnePlus Open

A photo of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
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An eminent online leaker has revealed some of the details of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, including its weight and dimensions.

It'll have a larger front screen, for starters.

Samsung's continual quest to refine and improve its folding phones will take another step forward, according to a prominent leaker. 

Ice Universe has posted on X with details about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, including its weight and size, with the former being a pretty common stick that the Fold lineup has been beaten with over the years. 

This time around, the Fold 6 will seemingly weigh in at just 239g compared to the Fold 5's 253g, a pretty decent reduction of around 10% that should actually be noticeable in the hand. 

As Ice Universe points out, that weight is also the same as the lightest version of the recent OnePlus Open, a phone that's noteworthy for how nimble and light it feels – so that's a pretty good ballpark to be in. 

This wasn't all that the leaker revealed though, going on to also detail the phone's exact dimensions – with "an unfolded thickness of 5.6mm" and "a folded thickness of 12.1mm".

This is a little thinner than the 13.4mm thickness of a folded Fold 5, so again Samsung seems to be managing to carve away space as it improves things year-on-year. 

The inner and outer displays also get detailed at least in terms of dimensions: the "internal screen is 7.6 inches, 7:6 ratio, and the external screen is 6.3 inches, 22:9 Proportion".

That's most noteworthy where the outer display is concerned – it's moved from 23.1:9 to 22:9, which should make it ever so slightly wider, although it'll still be pretty narrow compared to a standard phone. This should make it way more natural to use, although we'll have to see when it's actually unveiled.

Still, this all bodes well and suggests that Samsung has spent time and energy on shrinking down its foldable, since bulkiness in the pocket has long been one of the few weaknesses of the Fold lineup, alongside only slowly falling prices. 

Samsung itself, unsurprisingly, is keeping quiet on these leaks and rumours – we're still a couple of months away from hearing about the next generation of folding phones officially. This will most likely happen sometime in mid-Summer, going by past years. 

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