Early Black Friday deal sees Garmin Instinct Solar's price slashed

The Instinct Solar, one of Garmin's best selling smartwatches is even cheaper now than it was a couple of days ago

Garmin Instinct Solar pre-Black Friday deal
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Black Friday starts early this year and 2021 is no different. Just look at this awesome Garmin Solar Instinct deal. It knocks almost £90 off the price of this awesome smart wearable that can run indefinitely using solar energy. You've heard that right!

• Buy the Garmin Instinct Solar Graphite for £231.19, was £319.99, you save £88.80 (28%) at Amazon

The Garmin Solar Instinct is an amazing smartwatch for those who like to spend most of their free time outside. Being a rugged adventure watch, the Instinct Solar is ready to take on the elements with you, whether it's mountain biking, surfing, hiking or anything in between.

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Garmin Instinct Solar

Garmin Instinct Solar Graphit | Was £231.19 | Now £319.99 | You save £88.80 (28%) at Amazon
The Garmin Instinct Solar comes equipped with a range of features that many outdoor enthusiasts will find useful. If the Instinct Solar is exposed to enough sunlight you won’t need to reach for the charger more often than once every other week. Buy the Instinct Solar today!

Why should you buy the Garmin Instinct Solar

The fibre-reinforced polymer case and chemically strengthened, scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass lens makes the Garmin Instinct Solar tough, and not just any tough but military-standard-tough so it can easily withstand some bashing around. The buttons have a nice click response to them and use the standard Garmin layout many runners are familiar with.

• Buy the Garmin Instinct Solar Graphite for £231.19, was £319.99, you save £88.80 (28%) at Amazon

The Power Glass’s photovoltaic surface covers a large area making the Instinct Solar very capable of collecting precious sunlight. Despite the smaller ‘useful’ display area, the information is generally easy to read thanks to the screen-in-screen method the watch uses.

My biggest criticism of the watch when I reviewed it was the price but thanks to this Black Friday sales offer, the Instinct Solar is now dirt cheap. I really can't think of a reason why you shouldn't buy it, especially since it's so much more than just a running watch: you get stress tracking, pulse oximeter, multi-GNSS support, ABC sensors, trackback routing, body battery energy monitor and more.

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