Pure’s Siesta Rise gives your smartphone a wake up call

Smartphone charger now included as part of the clock radio’s package

Pure's new Siesta Rise clock radio is ready to kill two birds with one stone when it hits bedside tables in the near future.

The new DAB clock radio is not simply an alarm clock and features a USB smartphone charging port to make sure you'll never be late for work or running low on battery ever again.

As soon as you switch the Siesta Rise on, the ultra-clear display shows the time in a way that is easy on the eyes especially in the dark thanks to the way it intelligently adjusts to the lighting in the room.

It features three different alarm settings that can be set up for separate days of the week, a sleep/snooze timer right in the centre of the device and with up to 20 station presets you may never run out of space for your favourite stations.

Pure has also included the ability for the clock radio to adjust automatically when the clocks change at the start of winter and summer, which means no more using it as an excuse for being late to work!

The Siesta Rise has a recommended retail price of £79.99 and is available from John Lewis and Curry's.

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