PS5 restock: here's when GAME's next big console drop is happening

New dates on GAME's website point to a big restock very soon

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Update 2: GAME put its latest PS5 stock live this morning with a selection of consoles and bundles available to purchase. It then followed up with a second shipment in the afternoon, again featuring lots of bundles. 

Check for PS5 stock on GAME here

The retailer expected a large amount of traffic and therefore only allowed consumers to purchase one console within 24 hours. Any further orders will be cancelled. Alternatively, GAME advises anyone to contact their local store for potentially more stock. Head on over to T3's official PS5 restock tracker to find out where the next drop will take place. 

Update: Over the weekend, it was further re-confirmed that the next PS5 restock for GAME will take place within the next 48 hours. Priority deliveries are expected to be made by October 15th with all other deliveries due by October 21st, according to the PS5 Stock UK Twitter account. 

The online restock itself is scheduled to take place on either October 11th or October 12th. So anyone thinking of picking up a console should be glued to GAME and social media over these next couple of days – specifically, between the hours of 9AM BST to 11:30AM BST. Good luck!

T3 has spoken with GAME customer service and from what we've been told, the retailer believes PS5 stock will arrive at its physical buildings either later this week or sometime next week. No specifics could be shared but confirmation was given that a restock is scheduled to happen at various stores around the country. With that, it's worth checking in at your local GAME just on the off chance that a shipment arrives. 

Aside from this, John Lewis is scheduled to receive up to 1,000 consoles sometime next week, with a date of October 15th being pinpointed. This is expected to be a split of 700 standard PS5 consoles and 300 digital. 

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Original Story: PlayStation 5 hunters far and wide, it's time to assemble once more. This time, new information has surfaced surrounding retailer GAME and its next shipment of PS5 consoles – and it's looking to be another good one. 

As the leading games retailer in the UK, naturally GAME has a good system in place to receive regular shipments of stock.  After previously having a restock at the end of September, GAME is now preparing for its next batch of consoles and from what details we have, it's seeming as if PS5 bundles will be the main option on offer.

This tip comes from the very well trusted PS5 Stock UK Twitter account (over 171,000 followers), which constantly updates on what's happening with the latest stock drops. The PS5 bundles page on GAME has been updated to show the date of October 21st, meaning that an online restock will most likely take place next week. 

While no further information has been shared yet, the PS5 Stock UK Twitter account does predict that consoles will go up for sale on approximately October 12th. It was also pointed out by the account that the October 21st date listed currently on GAME's website is the last expected date for deliveries to be fulfilled, hence why we're expecting a drop sometime around the week prior. 

With bundles expected to be the main offering, we'd recommend avoiding any that contain Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Ghost of Tsushima, as these sell out the fastest from our experience. We laid out some other tips in this handy guide

As always, for anyone else still searching for the elusive console, head on over to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker, where you will find all of the latest information. Best of luck! 

Check for PS5 stock on GAME here.

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