New PS5 restock dates confirmed for GAME and Argos

PlayStation 5 stock is set to drop in the coming days

PlayStation 5 console
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Update 2: GAME put its PlayStation 5 stock live a day earlier than originally suspected, which has now all sold out. For more details about the next drop, head on over to T3's PS5 stock tracker.

Update: New information has surfaced surrounding the next shipment of PlayStation 5 stock from GAME. It's been reported (via PS5 Stock Twitter UK) that PS5 consoles will go live on its online site on September 30th, between the hours of 9AM to 11:30AM BST. It's expected that disc, digital and various bundles of PS5 consoles will be up for sale during this time.  Mark it on your calendar, this is going to be a big one. 

Original Story: A new shipment of PlayStation 5 consoles are on the way, and this time it's British retailers GAME and Argos that will be putting them up for sale. Both online stores have been consistently receiving new stock over the past few months, with this trend expected to follow right up until Christmas and beyond.

Let's first look at GAME. Naturally, GAME is one of the biggest stores out there to offer up PS5 consoles and is predicted to receive its next shipment in the coming days - specifically, a restock is expected on October 1st. These will be PS5 bundles to coincide with the launch of FIFA 22, so if you're a fan of the series it's could be your lucky day. GAME does have a history of putting stock up for sale on a morning, so we'd advise being extra vigilant during this time. 

This new information comes courtesy of the super reliable PS5 Stock UK Twitter account (over 160,000 followers), which also points to Argos having an immediate drop anytime from now up until October 1st. Although, the account noted that only standard PS5 consoles will be available, with any Digital Editions going up for sale being part of previous restocks.  

"Most of the Argos console distributions have been made, which means the company is ready to go live with PS5 consoles this week, any day between 28th September to 1st October," wrote the account (via Twitter). 

"Only Disc Edition shipments have come in however, Argos will be selling Digital Editions that some stores have kept behind from the previous restock. Though keep in mind that the Digital Edition will not be as widely available as the Disc Edition." 

Anyone considering buying a PlayStation 5 from Argos or Game is highly recommended to make an account ahead of time, so to set yourself up for the best chance of success. To keep up to date with all PlayStation 5 restocks across the UK, head on over to T3's regularly updated official PS5 restock tracker

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