PS5 restock: 5 quick tips to beat the bots and secure a console

There's still plenty of opportunities to grab a PS5, here's how

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It may have been on the market for over a year now, however, actually purchasing a PlayStation 5 and having the pleasure of playing Sony's latest games device is still something many people dream of. The whole ordeal of securing a PS5 can be quite a complicated process, requiring plenty of patience and persistence. 

The good news is that every day we are finding out more and more information about upcoming shipments, as well as seeing big retailers drop stock at any moment's notice. Being prepared is one thing but sometimes the shopping gods are just not working in your favour. 

To help prevent more disappointment, I've compiled five quick and easy tips to better your chances of making it all the way to the checkout and getting that sweet, sweet confirmation notice. Something to be aware of here is that these specific tips have been compiled from my time covering the official T3 PS5 stock tracker for the UK. That said, most of this advice is relatively universal. 

1. Sign up for accounts with retailers

Yes, it may seem simple but sometimes simple can be successful. Whatever retailer you are thinking of purchasing from, make sure you already have an account with your payment details already stored. This can save you precious time and be the key difference in whether you make the order or not. 

On top of this, lots of sites have their own notification emails, so sign up for as many as possible.  Amazon is a great example as it has its own wishlist. By adding the console to this, you can then move it to your basket much faster and be in with a better chance of making it to the checkout. 

2. Go for bundles  

It's a tried and tested method. The majority of people will either immediately head for the standard PS5 console (disc) or the Digital Edition (discless), so to counteract this: go for a bundle. While more expensive, these are basically foolproof. 

Game bundles that have sold out fastest from my experience consist of Spider-Man: Miles Morales and FIFA 22 – two massively popular games. Horizon Forbidden West has been another popular title as of late, so maybe one to avoid for now. If you want the games, it's best to buy them separately.  

3. Don't forget to check physical stores

While online is more often than not the best point of call, it's equally worth remembering that physical stores are always an option. Give your local retailer a quick call to see if they are expecting any shipments soon, or pop into a shop when passing on your commute to work. 

Smyths Toys Superstores and Argos are the biggest culprits of this, often offering consoles in-storesm allowing anyone to make a pre-order and avoid the queues. An added bonus is that you'll never see a bot in person. 

4. Go mobile 

Loading pages through a smartphone is generally quicker than browsers. The process is a lot more efficient too, as mobile apps skip sections you would find on web pages due to screen limitations. Downloading any apps for retailers is another easy way to stay one step ahead of the competition. Very's mobile app for one is gold for this. 

Strangely enough, we've seen stock go live on all manner of devices earlier than general browsers on PC. One occasion saw Argos PS5 stock go live on iOS devices for iPad users about 15 minutes before being made available elsewhere. Bizarre we know, but it might make the difference. 

5. Follow PS5 restock Twitter accounts  

Social media is vital these days for a lot of things. It can be your best friend for grabbing a PS5 too if you utilise it correctly. There are a number of accounts definitely worth following, such as the hugely reliable PS5 Stock UK account alongside T3's own Twitter, where we regularly post links to restocks as and when they happen. Oh and make sure to turn on notifications to be informed right away. 

As an added bonus for any US folk who have stumbled onto this article, I'd recommend our US restock tracker, alongside former TechRadar editor Matt Swider who constantly informs his followers on where to pick up a PS5.  

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