New Puma Spectra running shoes are giving me serious UA FLOW Velociti Wind vibes

The Puma Spectra Pack includes new iterations and silhouettes in its signature NITRO running line

Puma Spectra Pack price release date
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I was really excited when the return of Puma Running was announced earlier this year: most of all, I loved the way the Nitro collection looked. The new Puma Spectra Pack cranks up handsomeness even more by introducing a new colourway that reminds me of the excellent Under Armour FLOW Velociti Wind with colourful lines crisscrossing the mainly white base of the fabric.

The new Puma Spectra Pack includes new Spectra colourways of the four already available Nitro shoes – Deviate, Velocity, Liberate and Eternity – plus the all-new Magnify, a cushioned running shoe featuring the "thickest piece of NITRO FOAM in the entire line", as Puma explains.

Puma Spectra Pack: price and availability

The Puma Spectra Pack is available to buy now. Deviate, Velocity, Liberate, Eternity, and Magnify styles are available globally at Puma US, Puma UK, PUMA Stores, and selected retailers worldwide. 

Deviate Nitro Spectra: RRP - $160/£150

Velocity Nitro Spectra: RRP - $120/£110

Liberate Nitro Spectra: RRP - $110/£105

Eternity Nitro Spectra: RRP - £120/£95

All-new Magnify Nitro SP: RRP – $140/£120

Shop all Nitro shoes at Puma UK and Puma US.

Make sure you check our Puma discount codes before you buy.

Puma Spectra Pack: details 

All shoes included in the Puma Spectra Pack feature Puma's new, cutting-edge 'supercritical' foam technology, the NITRO.

The Deviate is a cushioned shoe and the 'fastest' long-distance running shoe of the collection. It features the new INNOPLATE carbon plate insert for extra propulsion.

The Liberate is a light tempo shoe for quick training sessions. Puma calls the Liberate the "airiest running shoe of all time."

The Velocity is an everyday trainer that 'balances responsiveness and cushioned comfort'.

The Eternity is a support shoe and features Puma's runGUIDE technology that "ensures the correct alignment of your foot with every step".

The chunky Magnify is the most cushioned shoe of the lot and provides padding and support for comfortable running sessions.

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