Under Armour FLOW Velociti Wind review – Flow state-inducing running shoes

The Flow Velociti Wind is packed with ground-breaking technology, creating an all-round trainer that will suit any type of runner

Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind review
(Image credit: Under Armour)
T3 Verdict

Stripping away the outsole doesn’t reduce the traction of the Flow Velociti Wind. We’ll have to wait and see how well the midsole performs as the mileage builds up, but these shoes don't just boast minimal weight; they're also well-cushioned and fast.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Warp technology in upper weaves around and stabilises your foot

  • +

    Flow midsole offers cushioning and propulsion

  • +

    Lightweight and easy to run in

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not ideal if you’re looking for support

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In this Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind review, we examine the latest running shoe innovation from UA that features a slew of new and exciting technology, including the Warp upper and the Flow midsole. These light trainers are definitely best running shoes for women material.

Under Armour’s first shoe without an outsole, the Flow Velociti Wind launches globally on March 3rd and so far there has been a lot of hype around its technology. The rubber outsole is the heaviest part of any shoe, so UA have removed it completely, taking off a lot of weight, compared to other new models on the market.

On the Flow Velociti Wind, the midsole foam extends to the ground, making it more versatile than other midsoles before it. Not only is it going to provide essential cushioning and energy return to keep moving forward faster, but also traction – and all in a lightweight package that will further enhance your speed.

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Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind review: Tech and ergonomics

How does it feel? The outsole, which strikes the ground, is different to anything you’ve run in before. Normally, trainers have an EVA foam midsole finished with a rubber outsole, which historically has proved more durable. In the Flow Velociti Wind, there is just the midsole foam, the FLOW, with the outside edge of this containing a patterned thread to help with grip.

Even though it would be easy to be sceptical about how grippy a trainer can be with no rubber on the outsole, they felt secure on wet pavements, tarmac and dry trail, even during fast interval training. It’s not that you’re thinking as you run how amazing the grip is, rather you don’t have to worry that it isn’t there. The FLOW material is supposed to respond to conditions under feet, and adapt, to ensure a strong grip as this changes. 

The heel counter and the tongue feel plush and remain soft during longer runs. The WARP upper is thin, flexible and allows your feet to breathe. The forward motion of the Flow midsole helps you pick up speed easily so that the feel is light and snappy. On first feel and first-run, they tick the ‘unbelievably light’ box. This is obviously going to benefit you on longer runs, too. 

The WARP yarns on the upper are woven in two main directions, with these strands acting like mini seat belts, each individual strand keeping you locked in on heel strike. Horizontal lines support your foot by stabilising it on landing, while vertical ones aim to support on the toe-off. The feeling is supportive and comforting. 

As with all UA shoes, embedded sensors not only track your routes but analyse your running metrics to help improve your performance. Metrics from your feet are more accurate than from wrist-based GPS tech, and the sensors in the sole will give you stride length, ground contact time and much more. Through connection with UA’s Map My Run App, you can receive real-time coaching to help you improve as you run. Yes, personalised coaching tips on the move! 

As their name suggests, Under Armour is trying to recreate that feeling of getting into the flow, where you feel zero distractions, everything around you seems to disappear and you want to keep running forever.

Under Armour FLOW Velociti Wind review

(Image credit: Under Armour)

Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind review: Aesthetics

This shoe looks striking and different, which I like and am sure will be very popular. The WARP upper is also innovative; you’ll be intrigued and want to touch the woven yarn which looks and feels papery. 

The white Flow midsole doesn’t really attract the dirt, so overall the shoe has stayed clean-looking and sleek. However, the WARP material on the front of the toe has picked up dirt quickly. There will be several colourways, many of which have bright flashes of colour. I tested the shoe with an orange block of colour separating the white midsole from the upper, which contained bright orange and blue lines of yarn – a colourful, slightly neon addition to your winter running wardrobe. Overall, the shoe size felt slightly large; I normally run in a 5 for all brands, but a 4.5 would have given my foot plenty of room to spread out.

Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind review: Verdict

The Flow Velociti Wind will give you impressive traction, feel fast and responsive propelling you forward, and offers lots of other tech in a very lightweight shoe. They keep you feeling lighter on your feet, so you can run for longer, and are meant to go fast. It’s going to be interesting to see how quickly the midsole-come-outsole foam lasts, compared to a more traditional shoe, although UA tells us the FLOW foam is as durable as a carbon runner. This is an all-around trainer that is going to be hugely popular due to being so lightweight, giving great rebound, and being innovative and easy to run in. They push you forwards, making them ideal for your tempo runs. 

Is the UA FLOW VELOCITI WIND the very best running shoe out there?

It’s certainly an all-rounder and an exciting shoe, with the potential to support you over longer runs or adapt when you want to change up a gear. The Flow Velociti Wind offers a lot; visually stunning, high-performance and lightweight.

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