Running shoes fans, rejoice: Puma Running is returning in 2021. Here is why you should be excited

Puma has just released five new running shoes, all featuring the Puma NITRO, a new 'supercritical' foam technology

Puma Running returns in 2021
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Who are the best running shoes manufacturers in the world? I bet Puma isn't the first brand that pops into mind when thinking about this topic. This might change soon as the German brand has just announced its return to the world of performance running and is about to release no less than five new running shoes, all featuring Puma's new, cutting-edge 'supercritical' foam technology, the NITRO.

Even if you aren't the biggest fan of Puma, you should be excited about this news. We all love new running shoe iterations by established brands: just think about the recent Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2 announcement, the plush Adidas Ultraboost 21 and the snappy Saucony Kinvara 12, all great running trainers on their own terms. But what really moves the industry forward is not iterative design but innovation.

Puma Running is back: why should you care?

A good example of running shoe innovation is the Under Armour FLOW Velociti Wind, a recently released experimental running shoe that integrates the outsole into the midsole, reducing overall weight without compromising durability. Now it's Puma's turn to bring something new to the table.

It's not like Puma hasn't got a rich history in running shoe development. On the contrary, its running heritage reaches back 75 years and includes many world records, firsts, and onlys from the likes of Abebe Bikila to Bill Rodgers to Sabrina Mockenhaupt to Usain Bolt. Nevertheless, in the last few years, Puma was more focused on churning out sneakers than road running shoes, but those days are thankfully over.

Puma Running is back, big time! But as opposed to just slowly making its way into the running business, Puma chose to explode into the market yet again with the Nitro Collection that involves five brand new shoes: Deviate, Deviate Elite, Velocity, Liberate, and Eternity. All new shoes feature the new NITRO foam that is said to "offer responsiveness, cushioning and is extremely lightweight for a more effortless run."

The new Puma Running Nitro Collection looks sexy and exciting but it's also good for the running shoes market as a whole. Hopefully, it will make other brands try a bit harder to come up with new ideas and innovate more often. Having more active running shoes brands means we'll see innovative running shoes released more often. And if for nothing else, this is a good enough reason to get excited about the new Puma Running Nitro Collection.

Puma Running Nitro Collection: price and availability

Puma Deviate, Deviate Elite, Velocity, Liberate, and Eternity styles will be available globally 4 March 2021 at Puma EU, Puma US, Puma UK, PUMA Stores, and selected retailers worldwide.

The recommended retail price of the Puma Deviate Nitro is €159.95 / approx. £139.99 / approx. $189.99 / approx. AU$260.00. 

The recommended retail price of the Puma Liberate Nitro is €109.95 / approx. £94.99 / approx. $129.99.

The recommended retail price of the Puma Velocity Nitro is €129.95 / approx. £109.95 / approx. $154.95 / approx. AU$200.00. 

The recommended retail price of the Puma Eternity Nitro is €139.95 / approx. £119.95 / approx. $169.95 / approx. AU$230.00. 

Puma Running Nitro Collection: features

The Pume Deviate Nitro is a cushioned shoe and admittedly the fastest long distance shoe of the Nitro Collection. It also features the new INNOPLATE plate made of carbon fiber, which acts like a lever and "propels you forward with every step".

The Puma Liberate Nitro is a super light tempo shoe that weighs only 184 grams. Puma calls the Liberate Nitro the "airiest running shoe of all time."

The Puma Velocity Nitro is your everyday running that balances responsiveness and cushioned comfort.

The Puma Eternity Nitro is a support shoe and features the the runGUIDE technology from PUMA that "ensures the correct alignment of your foot with every step".

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