Last chance: save up to £285 on your energy bills and get a £10 credit by switching to the cheapest fixed tariff in the UK

It's your last chance to switch to the cheapest fixed rate deal before this exclusive offer ends on August 28

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Last week we launched an exclusive gas and electricity tariff with Shell Energy that undercuts the Ofgem price cap by £285 and gives you a £10 bill credit too. It's the cheapest fixed tariff around, but it ends on Friday 28 August - so don't miss your last chance to switch and save on your energy bills before the winter kicks in.

The only way to get this exclusive tariff is to switch through our energy price comparison service. It takes less than two minutes, and we'll show you all the best energy deals in your area so you can be sure you're choosing the right one for your home.

It's a good time to lock in cheap energy prices: experts are predicting that energy costs may soon rise. Half of all offshore oil production in the Gulf of Mexico has been paused, as a precaution against tropical storms Laura and Marco. If costs do go up, there's a good chance you'll see your energy bills increase if you're not on a fixed rate tariff.

But if you switch to Shell Energy's new Energy September 2021 v4 plan, the cost of your energy will be fixed until the end of September 2021. You'll even get a £10 bill credit for duel fuel, or £5 for single fuel when you switch.

The savings we outline below are based on the gas and electricity usage of an average UK home, and we compare the cost to the Ofgem price cap of £1,126. To get an accurate prediction of exactly how much you can save, you need to run an energy comparison and tell us how much energy you use and where you live. That's because how much you pay for energy depends on your usage, and where in the UK you live. 


Shell Energy: Energy September 2021 v4 + £10 Bill Credit
Fixed: one year | Early exit fees: £30 per fuel | Average annual price: £841/year* | Save £285/year

This exclusive deal from Shell Energy will give you 100% renewable energy and lock-in prices until the end of September 2021. It also includes a £10 bill credit for duel fuel, or £5 for single fuel. And it's open to existing Shell Energy customers too. Just be aware that if you switch early, you'll have to pay £30 per fuel as an early exit fee. Find out how much money you could save with this exclusive Shell Energy deal

*Details are subject to change. Average bill value based on Ofgem figures for medium dual-fuel use. All information correct as of 24/08/2020.

Why switch to this Shell Energy tariff

You can only switch to the new Energy September 2021 v4 plan with our price comparison service, because it's an exclusive deal. To qualify for the bill credit, you need to have a valid direct debit that's still active after the second monthly statement is received. You also need to be on supply - and you can't have cancelled, or be in the process of cancelling your Shell Energy tariff.

The bill credit will be applied automatically within 90 days. At the time of writing, this was the cheapest fixed tariff in the UK.

More of this week's cheapest energy deals

We also have another exclusive energy deal that's the cheapest fixed-rate tariff with a Big Six supplier, and we can help you move to a green fixed deal, too.


EON: Fix 1 Year Exclusive August 2020 | Early exit fees: £25 per fuel | Average annual price: £859/year* | Save £267/year
Our exclusive deal with EON is the cheapest Big Six tariff available right now. If you're happy to pay by Monthly Direct Debit, manage your account online, and get a smart meter installed, then it's the best Big Six fixed-rate deal right now. Prices are fixed for 12 months from the start date - but if you want to switch early, you'll pay an exit fee of £25 per fuel. You can avoid the fee if you move to another EON tariff or move home. Switch to EON now


Pure Planet: 100% Green 12m Fixed Aug20 V1| Early exit fees: £30 per fuel | Average annual price: £862/year* | Save £264/year
The cheapest green fixed-rate tariff available is from Pure Planet. It fixes prices for 12 months and will power your home with 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas. You'll pay by direct debit but the amount will be lower in summer and higher in winter, reflecting your consumption. Pure Planet doesn't have any call centres, so you should only switch if you're happy to manage your account online. And if you switch early, you'll have to pay £30 per fuel as an exit fee. Start saving with a green energy deal now

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