Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH Stand Mixer Black Friday deal knocks 17% off the asking price at Amazon

Cook anything and everything with this cool Kenwood

The Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH
(Image credit: Kenwood)

The Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH is perfect if you’re looking for a kitchen gadget that can do a little bit of everything. Amazon currently has 17% off it too, which means it’s now just £199.99 and that means you get a lot of kit for not a lot of cash. Being a great all-rounder, this mean machine can get to work slicing, chopping and grating raw ingredients. You can then use the rest of the features to whisk, beat and mix everything to produce all manner of food and drinks. 

Buy Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH Stand Mixer for £199.99 – save £40.03 at Amazon

This Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH scores highly for its performance characteristics, thanks to a powerful 1000 watt motor at its core. You can therefore use it for food processing and mixing, while the package includes three non-stick bowl tools in the shape of a K beater, a dough hook and a whisk. There’s also a food processing knife blade along with three slicing and grating discs. Meanwhile, the centrifugal juicer even lets you enlist the help of citrus press attachments. Like your meat? There’s a grinder attachment for that too!

Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH Stand Mixer £199.99 | was £240.02 | Save £40.03 at Amazon This funky kitchen gadget contains everything you need to boost productivity when you cook. Inside the box there’s a whole stack of handy accessories aimed at speeding up food and drink preparation. The main 4.3 litre mixing bowl is more than adequate for most needs, while the 360-degree planetary mixing action means that this Kenwood prepares food ingredients to perfection. And, with that sizeable discount it’s as hard to resist as the food you’ll end up making with it. This deal will be gone by Cyber Monday.View Deal

The Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH Stand Mixer is a bit of a looker, thanks to its contemporary styling that looks a treat in silver. At 5.3kg it’s a chunky thing that will sit nicely on your worktop, and it won't get a wobble on when you're running it at full tilt either.

Topping it all off with a hefty 1000 watts of power the 6 speed options from the motor will mean you can tackle any kind of kitchen chore or mealtime menu without a hint of stress. Impressive huh?

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