Instagram tops App Store charts after Facebook buy-out

Billion dollar deal sees photo-sharing app overtake Draw Something and Angry Birds

Facebook's Instagram buyout has propelled the photo-sharing app to the top spot on the App Store for the first time in the company's two-year history

It's amazing what the little manner of a billion dollar buyout can do to raise your profile. Just 24 hours after Facebook moved to acquire the Instagram photo-sharing service, it ascended to the top of the App Store charts.

The free Instagram app, which Facebook agreed to pay £630,000,000 for only yesterday, overtook the likes of Draw Something and Angry Birds Space to boost its already sizeable 30 million user base.

Amazingly enough, this represents the first time Instagram has been atop of the Apple mountain, despite the success that convinced Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to part with a billion in cash and stock from its upcoming IPO.

Instagram, which became popular due to its abundance of retro filters and effects and easy uploading, sent out a tweet regarding its rise late on Tuesday afternoon: "Instagram is #1 in the @AppStore for the first time ever! Thanks everyone!"

But while the buyout may have raised awareness of the two-year old app, the news hasn't exactly been met with widespread approval from the company's loyal existing users. Analysts Crimson Hexagon monitored 200,000 tweets on the acquisition and only 12 per cent expressed positive emotions.

Via: VentureBeat, Mashable