I can't believe just how expensive these Rapha bikepacking accessories are but I REALLY want them

Buying the full Rapha + Snow Peak travel mug/thermos/spork set will cost more than flying to Portugal

Rapha + Snow Peak Outdoor Set price availability
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Rapha has never been famous for selling its wares for cheap but the new Rapha + Snow Peak Bikepacking Accessories set is pushing the envelope really hard when it comes to making simple things premium quality for absolutely no reason. Yet, I can't stop thinking about owning the stainless steel kanpai bottle, the Japanese titanium travel mug and that beautiful, beautiful titanium spork.

And yes, Rapha's camping cookware set does make me think of that meme where the alien exclaims 'So unnecessary!', but at the same time, they just look so cool and sleek and premium. I even like the way the accessories try to convince you that no, using Japanese titanium is not an overkill by saying 'Seems appropriate' on their sides. Apparently, this line "conveys the contrasting environments of home and exploration."

Sure it does.

In case you're unfamiliar with the brand, Snow Peak is known for "innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship" and for being the purveyor of the "highest quality Japanese outdoor equipment". And while Rapha is more famous for designing the finest cycling jerseys and the best cycling shorts, the Rapha + Snow Peak Bikepacking Accessories feel completely in line with the brand's general approach to cycling gear: they reek of quality and are sold for loads of money. Just like most Rapha stuff.

Rapha + Snow Peak Bikepacking Accessories: price and availability

Rapha RCC members will be able to acquire the whole set 48 hours (starting today) before it's released to the general public on 28 May 2021.

The recommended retail price of the Rapha + Snow Peak Kanpai Bottle is £100/$135/AU$175.

The recommended retail price of the Rapha + Snow Peak Single Walled Mug is £32/$42.50/AU$42.50.

The recommended retail price of the Rapha + Snow Peak Spork is £13/$15/AU$23.

For more info, visit Rapha today.

Rapha + Snow Peak Outdoor Set price availability

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(Image credit: Rapha)

Rapha + Snow Peak Bikepacking Accessories: the deets

The Rapha + Snow Peak Kanpai Bottle is made of vacuum-sealed, double-wall stainless steel to "keep your drink at the desired temperature", as Rapha explains. The bottle comes with three different lids, two to keep your drinks hot or cold for hours at a time, and one to easily drink from on the bike. I'd recommend not drinking scalding hot coffee out of the bottle when on the bike, though.

As for the mug. it's made of 'ultralight' Japanese titanium and features foldable handles for compact storage. Basically, the handle can be fold flat to the side of the mug so that pesky handle won't be in the way when shoving the mug in the bag. One might about the necessity of this feature but then again, it's just cool so stop asking silly questions. The mug can be placed directly over a heat source, making it ideal for cooking beans over an open campfire. Make sure you wash it after though.

Finally, the magical spork is also made of titanium, although I'm not sure if it's Japanese or just your average, run-on-the-mill titanium. You can use it for cooking, eating or just to admire it when you forgot your phone at home.

The release coincides with the launch of three new products from Rapha’s Explore collection: Explore Lightweight Gilet, Explore Lightweight Jacket and Explore Merino T-Shirt. Tried and tested on the toughest of terrain, the Explore collection comprises technical adventure apparel, perfect for off-road riding and multi-day bikepacking trips.

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