Here's when the OnePlus 12 could launch in your region

The OnePlus 12 is coming soon, and it may not be alone

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The OnePlus 12 has been heavily tipped to arrive early in 2024, and a fresh rumour has added fuel to this fire suggesting we’re just a couple of months away.

According to leaker Max Jambor, the global OnePlus 12 launch will take place in January 2024 - but it won’t be alone.

Jambor notes in his posts on X (formerly Twitter) that there will be a series of handsets announced at the OnePlus launch event, although he doesn’t go into detail in terms of names, specs or even how many devices will feature.

While the initial tweet says the launch is scheduled for ‘early January’, a follow-up post corrected this statement with Jambor writing ‘Scrap the “early” I made a small mistake’, which suggests if the information is accurate it will likely occur after CES 2024 – a sensible move as announcements can get lost in the sea of launches during the world’s biggest tech show.

What will launch alongside the OnePlus 12?

Another rumoured handset is the OnePlus 12R. OnePlus launched the 11R a month after the OnePlus 11 as a more affordable variant with a very similar design, but slightly downgraded internal components to help lower the cost.

However, the OnePlus 11R was only made available in India, and Jambor’s tweet suggests the OnePlus 12R may well get wider availability around the world – potentially good news for price-conscious shoppers who want a flagship phone at a more reasonable price.

While the global unveiling is likely to take place in January, China is set to see the OnePlus 12 launch very soon with an event set for 4 December 2023. This marks the brand’s 10 year anniversary, so makes sense. It also means we’ll know a lot more about the OnePlus 12 in just a couple of weeks time.

Current rumours suggest the OnePlus 12 will have a new 64MP camera, 100W wired charging, 50W wireless charging, a super-bright 2600 nits screen, and Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset.

January is fast becoming an action-packed month for tech launches. The year will kick off with CES 2024 in Las Vegas (Jan 9-12) and we now have the OnePlus 12 series tipped to arrive internationally along with rumours of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series also launching in the same time frame.

What a start to the new year!

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