Gift guide: The Child ‘Baby Yoda ’ Animatronic Edition is the perfect Christmas gift for Star Wars Fans

This cute character from The Mandalorian has all the moves

Gift guide: The Child ‘Baby Yoda ’ Animatronic Edition is the perfect Christmas gift for Star Wars Fans
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The Force will be strong this Christmas, if there’s a Star Wars ‘The Child’ Animatronic Edition Mandalorian toy under the tree.

The character hails from the hit Star Wars spin-off television series on Disney+ in which the Mandalorian is hired to track down and capture the Child (or baby Yoda as he is sometimes referred) for the fallen Galactic Empire, but instead protects him.

The toy looks just like the character – complete with a pendant and soft robe - and comes with 25 sounds and movement combinations. To make him come alive, lucky owners can simply touch his head. 

Owners can pretend to harness the power of the Force as The Child toy closes its eyes, raises its arm and sighs as if exerting a great amount of energy. The toy is an irresistible mixture of complex and cute, letting Star Wars fans become baby Yoda’s protector.

Who's it for?

Star Wars collectors: Star Wars collectors love a new character and anyone whose home is full of Star Wars memorabilia and models would love this toy. The attention to detail and the quality is great, making it a great addition to anyone’s collection if they love the franchise.

Smart toy fans: The Child makes realistic noises and performs cool movements and little dances too. While it’s simple to trigger them by touching its head, this soft-ish toy really is a bag of pretty impressive tricks and would wow people who love clever toys.

Kids: Episodes of The Mandalorian range from PG to 14+ but kids would still love to pay with this toy. With its large range of actions and movements, it’s sure to keep them entertained and is pretty cute.

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(Image credit: Disney)

Age range:

The makers of the toy say The Child ‘Baby Yoda’ is suitable for children who are aged four years old or more, but we predict some adult Star Wars fans will be green with envy if they don’t find one in their stocking too.

What makes it the ideal Christmas gift?

Sounds and phrases: Owners can simply touch the top of The Child Animatronic Edition toy’s head to activate sound effects inspired by The Mandalorian TV series. For example, Baby Yoda makes happy and excited sounds, giggles and babbles.

Amazing movements: Motorised movements make up some of the 35 combinations of sounds and movements that bring the toy to life (almost). The figure’s head can move up and down, its eyes can open and close and endearingly, its ears can wiggle too. Owners can pat The Child’s head three times for Force activation, which is probably the best effect. Who doesn’t want to use the Force?

Super cute: Few Star Wars fans could resist the urge to bring Baby Yoda home. The toy has a removeable robe and pendant, which fans will love, and plenty of other sweet details too.

Possibly collectable: eBay users will know that retro Star Wars toys are crazily collectible and can fetch hundreds of pounds. While no-one has a crystal ball and can say whether a toy could one day become collectable, there is a chance, but it would take a lot of self-restraint to keep the Child in its box and not play with all its awesome functions.

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