Get this UNMISSABLE Amazon Instant Pot Christmas gift deal NOW as it ends TODAY

Amazon Instant Pot deals like this are rare, so bag it now before it sells out — it is the ideal Christmas gift

Instant Pot Christmas Gift AMazon deal
(Image credit: Instant Pot)

If you've been looking for an Instant Pot deal as a Christmas gift for either you or a friend or family member then this unmissable offer from Amazon is a must see.

That's because it cuts 33 per cent off the superb Instant Pot Duo V2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, which is a one-appliance solution to the production of countless delicious meals, and the pressure cooker that we believe is the absolute best on the market today.

The brilliance of the Instant Pot Duo V2 is that it does all the work for you, with a wide-array of smart autonomies meaning you don't have adjust settings, deal with rattles, hissing and spitting, or faff with heat and pressure options.

The Instant Pot delivers a large, simple to use multi-functional cooker with 14-different built-in cooking programs, three temperature settings for saute and slow cooking, and a neat keep warm function, too.

Walking in to home to a hot, freshly cooked meal has basically never been easier. We think this is a brilliant Amazon deal and, for many, the perfect Christmas gift. The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

Instant Pot Duo V2 | Was £89.99 | Now £59.99 | Available at Amazon
Instant Pot is the number one brand when it comes round to multi-function pressure cookers, and the brands excellent Duo V2 is reduced at Amazon by a very welcome 33 per cent. That means that instead of having to pay £89.99 to bag the cooker, right now it can be picked up for just £59.99. Delivery is free, too, making it pretty much the ideal Christmas gift for anyone who likes tasty food. This deal ends today, though, and has limited stock, so if you are interested we suggest you move fast so as not to miss out.View Deal

On Amazon right now the Instant Pot Duo V2 has been rated 4.7 out of 5 by customers, with more than 2,560 reviews filed. Of those reviews 85% gave the system a maximum score of 5 stars.

T3 also rates this system as the absolute best on the market, placing it at the number one position in our best pressure cooker buying guide. It's a quality device and ideal cooking, making yogurt, steaming, keeping things warm and much, much more.