Get Sony wireless headphones for just £59 in John Lewis' Black Friday deals

Whether it's in-ear or over-ear, these Sonys deliver great sound for less cash, thanks to great Black Friday discounts

Sony WF-C500 true wireless earbuds on white background
(Image credit: Sony)

If you want the best Black Friday deals on affordable Sony Headphones, check out the deals on John Lewis: with £30 off two great Sony models, the WF-C500 wireless earbuds are just £59, and their noise-cancelling over-ear pals the WH-CH710N are £69. 

Sony WF-C500 True Wireless Headphones: was £89, now £59 at John Lewis (opens in new tab)
• Sony WF-CH710N Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones:
was £99, now £69 at John Lewis (opens in new tab)

I'm a bit of a Sony fangirl when it comes to audio: I've had Sony speakers and headphones since the days of wax cylinders. So I can confidently say that you can expect these headphones will comfortably outperform rivals that cost considerably more.

The WF-C500s run for 10 hours with another 10 via the charging case, and they have Sony's Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) for good sound and Alexa and Google Assistant for extra convenience. I've had a few pairs of Sony earbuds and they've always been supremely comfortable with a good seal for maximum bass.

The WH-CH710N over-ears have artificially intelligent ANC to remove unwanted outside audio, and the 30mm drivers do a pretty good job of pumping out the low end. There's a whopping 35 hours of audio playback from a single charge and a good microphone for taking and making voice calls. 

If you've got a bit more cash, there are some really great Black Friday deals on Sony WF-1000XM4 in-ears and over-ears. These are high-end headphones that, for Black Friday at least, don't have such a high-end price tag.

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Sony WF-C500 True Wireless in-ear headphones: was £89, now £59 at John Lewis (opens in new tab)
Get £30 off these excellent in-ears at John Lewis. There's no active noise cancellation but Sony's in-ears offer excellent fit and a good seal, which does a good job of keeping unwanted sounds out. They're comfortable, long lasting and right now, really cheap.

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Sony WF-CH710N Noise Cancelling Wireless over-ear headphones: was £99, now £69 at John Lewis (opens in new tab)
With £30 off, these excellent noise-cancelling headphones are just £69. That's a great price for headphones that deliver great audio, a whopping 35 hours between charges and Sony's trademark automatic noise cancelling.

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