Get a MacBook Air with proper keyboard for under $700 with this Amazon Black Friday deal

Plus save $350 off super-powerful 15-inch MacBook Pros before they're gone forever!

MacBook Air black friday deals
(Image credit: Apple)

If you want a thin and light Apple laptop with a proper keyboard with good travel and rock-solid reliability, this 2017 MacBook Air Black Friday deal is just about perfect.

It might be a slightly older model and design, but as a portable work machine, it's still up there with the best of them, especially because it still has classic-style USB ports rather than the USB-C only setup of the newer MacBook Airs. 

And all that tempting stuff goes double when you can get it for just $699 – it's one of the best Apple Black Friday deals of the year.

Apple MacBook Air 2017 | Was $999 | Now $699 at Amazon
At $300 off, you won't mind the thicker bezels of this older design – it'll work great in every other way thanks to fast storage and its Intel processor, and the classic-style chiclet keyboard is one of the best ever made. It's a great way to work on the go with macOS.View Deal

That's not the only now-retired MacBook that you can save money on today's Black Friday deals, though: the MacBook Pro 15-inch has just (like, a couple of weeks ago) been replaced by the MacBook Pro 16-inch, so there's some big money off machines that are packed with power and are still cutting-edge.

Apple MacBook 15-inch Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 555X| Was $2,399.99 | Now $2,049.99 at Best Buy
Save $350 off this 15-inch MacBook Pro, which comes with a six-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM and 256GB of fast SSD storage, with 4GB AMD Radeon Pro 555X GPU. It's truly pro power, and all with a beautiful 15-inch Retina display and long battery life.View Deal

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch w/ Intel Core i9, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 560X | Was $2,799.99 | Now $2,349.99 at Amazon
If the above MacBook Pro isn't fast enough for you, how about this top-tier version, with an eight-core(!) Intel Core i9 processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB of storage, and powerful AMD Radeon Pro 560X graphics with 4GB of VRAM… plus that big Retina screen!  And all at $350 off. View Deal