$6.3 million worth of Samsung products stolen in Brazil

40,000 products taken from factory by 20 armed men

More than 40,000 Samsung products including phones, tablets and laptops were stolen in a robbery in Sao Paulo last weekend.

Twenty men, reportedly armed with submachine guns, attacked a Samsung factory in Campinas, an industrial hub in the southeastern state of Sao Paulo, making off with $6.3 million worth of products.

The four-hour robbery took place overnight on Sunday and about 50 employees were held hostage. The batteries were taken out of their phones to prevent them from calling the police.

The thieves carjacked a shuttle used by factory employees and accessed the facilities disguised as staff.

They loaded seven trucks with more than 40,000 Samsung products including smartphones, tablets and notebook computers that Samsung valued at about $6.3 million.

Local media reported nobody was hurt during the robbery and Samsung employees declared the burglary didn't involve violence at any point.

Police said it looks very likely to be an inside job, since the assailants could not only access the factory but also had some confidential information about the location of certain valuable items.

No suspects have been identified yet and the investigation is ongoing.

By Manon Schalk