Cybex Melio Carbon is an incredibly light travel pushchair made from high-tech materials

Made from lightweight carbon fibre, the stroller weighs just 5.9kg

Cybex Melio Carbon
(Image credit: Cybex)

Luxury pushchair brand Cybex has announced a new lightweight baby stroller made from carbon fibre, called the Melio Carbon.

Best known for its use by Formula One teams and supercar makers, carbon fibre is both incredibly strong and lightweight, and its use in the all-new Melio Carbon means the stroller weighs just 5.9kg.

The four-in-one pushchair is designed to accommodate a child from birth up to three years of age, all while using the same carbon frame. The system is compatible with the Melio Cot, Cybex’s range of infant car seats, and the Cocoon S carry cot.

With one hand, the Melio Carbon stroller can be reclined to a fully-flat position, or folded into a compact, self-standing configuration, making it easy to tuck into a train carriage or sit in the corner of a cafe.

(Image credit: Cybex)

Cybex is offering the Melio Carbon in a ‘Deep Black’ colourway, complementing its carbon fibre components. The stroller features ultra-soft and breathable fabrics, plus a removable comfort inlay to ensure your baby stays comfortable no matter where you take them.

The seat unit can be reserved, giving your child either a forward view of their surroundings, or a rearward parent-facing view. Soft rear-wheel suspension and front-wheel shock absorbers ensure good ride quality across uneven surfaces like cobbled streets.

The stroller also includes a Supreme XXL sun canopy made of UPF50+ protective fabric to protect your child from sun and wind. A pair of mesh windows offer a view out, plus good air circulation to keep your child cool on hot days.

Priced from £459.95, the Melio Carbon pushchair is available online and at select Cybex stores from August.

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