China is offering a brand new shiny smartphone for $100

The deal is from none other than Xiaomi, but you'll need to be living in the PRC to get one

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is offering a decidedly powerful new smartphone for the paltry amount of $100. The model, Redmi 3, comes with some respectable specs and a metallic body that would usually be found in handsets four times the asking price.

And by respectable, we really mean respectable. The Redmi 3 comes with a generous 4,100 mAh battery, a secondary Nano SIM slot (which can be updated to support 4G and used as a MicroSD slot), infrared remote features and a five-inch 720p display. Oh yes, a deluxe luxury body you wouldn't find in smartphones of a similar price range anywhere else. Even the octa-core Snapdragon 616 chipset is acceptable at this price.

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The budget device will go on sale for 699 yuan (that's roughly £74) and can be purchased on a one-off contract. The device is surprisingly svelte and light too - coming in at jut 144 grams heavy and 8.5mm thick. Chinese citizens will be able to place orders from tomorrow, with Xiaomi offering the metallic case in gold, silver or grey.

Via: Xiaomi

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