Cannondale Treadwell is a bike for normal people, strictly no lycra required

A bit sporty, a bit cruiser-y, a bit of a good way to cycle around town

Cannondale Treadwell
(Image credit: Cannondale)

Cannondale bikes are well made, high specced and keenly priced but if they have a linking theme, you could say it's that they are aimed squarely at 'proper bike people'. But not this one! The new Cannondale Treadwell is aimed at people who want to ride but don't necessarily want to dress in Lycra and hunker down over the drop bars of a carbon road bike. As you can see, this is a bike for attractive, hip, young people of all genders.

Cannondale says the Treadwell has that "just right" feeling for riders of all abilities

(Image credit: Cannondale)

The Treadwell is described by Cannondale as "the ultimate grab-and-go bike," with the bike maker adding that "it's light, simple, and responsive – perfect for ripping around the neighbourhood, meeting up with friends, and getting from here to there with that effortless feeling of freedom only two wheels can create."

So, in other words, it's what most people would call 'a bike'.

The Treadwell is made from lightweight aluminium with a geometry which combines a low standover height with an easy reach to the handlebar and a comfortable seat position. It's not overly sporty, or overly cruiser-y, nor it it absolutely fixated on comfort, but it takes bits of all those elements to make something with mass appeal.

Adding extra hipster points, there's also a Treadwell app, which pulls data from a sensor integrated into the front wheel, so your phone can become your speedometer. Not just that; riders can mount their phones to the Treadwell and use the app as a live dashboard to view speed, distance, calories burned and, of course, carbon emissions saved. Future updates may add the ability to track how many artisan coffees you've quaffed today. 

There are three models of the Treadwell available, including the EQ version, equipped with a front rack and fenders. All three models come in two frame styles – a low standover Standard model, and a step-through, gender-neutral design. 

The Standard model bikes are available in sizes small, medium and large while the Unisex is available in small and large. Prices start at £599/$625 To find out more, visit

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