Burglars looking to take your tech at Christmas

Gifts boost the value of home contents by more than a third, according to security experts

Millions of pounds will be spent on all types of tech treats this Christmas, making homes a treasure trove for heartless thieves.

While the UK enjoys the festive season snapping up the best gadget gifts like the iPhone 6, PS4 and Xbox One, burglars are eyeing up their biggest haul of the calender year.

That's according to national home security company esafes, which warns home-owners that Christmas presents can boost the value of home contents by more than a third.

To give Brits the advantage over opportunistic thieves, esafes has issued some top tips to keep in mind over the holidays.

The company advises that householders avoid leaking sensitive personal details on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, like announcing when they are going on holiday.

“Our research shows that 78% of burglars admit to using social media when looking for homes to target. They see who is on holiday and who has just bought a new TV,” said esafes spokesman Stephen Wylde.

Esafes says that thieves tend to look for small, easy to carry objects like cash, jewellery and tech. So if you've got brand spanking new smartphones, tablets and video games scattered throughout the house, make sure you hide them in a secure place when you leave for work.

The experts suggest storing valuables in kitchens or nurseries, as burglars rarely check these places during the average 12 minutes they spend inside a victim's home.

But they do check under doormats and plantpots for spare keys to gain easy access to homes, so avoid these obvious hotspots.

The safest solution? Buy yourself a decent safe, according to esafes. “Home safes are inexpensive and cannot be broken into in just a few minutes. Often burglars won't even try,” Wylde said.

“So a simple, affordable safe can often be a genuine anti-burglary solution for most homes."