BlackBerry to lose physical keyboard for BBX?

RIM moving away towards all-touchscreen devices

RIM has dropped a fairly major hint which points towards some news that will either have BlackBerry fans foaming at the mouth or jumping for joy

Talking to RIM's Alec Saunders gave the publication some very revealing hints towards the design of BlackBerrys in the future pointing at designs that lose the physical keyboard.

In the interview he revealed that the first wave of BBX (BlackBerry's new OS) smartphones would all run on a native 1024x600 resolution, mirroring that of the BlackBerry PlayBook in order to make them all compatible across form-factors.

"Look, if you build [an app] for the PlayBook, then it will run on BBX. We have maintained aspect ratios, BBX also has the ability to upload multiple dimension graphics … [and the standard resolutions] are the same as PlayBook,"

This certainly could confirm the rumours that the first new BBX smartphone will be the rumoured BlackBerry Colt which features a slimmer form-factor and all-touchscreen design. That isn't to say that we'll never see the keyboard again, Saunders did go on to talk about 'multiple dimension graphics' which in the context of the interview was referring to different screen sizes on BBX.

So while it certainly looks like they're ready to embrace the world of all-touchscreen devices BlackBerry isn't ready to give up on the physical keyboard just yet, but for now at least it looks like the flagship phones of BBX will be all-touchscreen affairs.

Should BlackBerry lose the physical keyboard?

Source: PCMag