BlackBerry to launch PlayBook 2 and 10-inch tablet?

Reports suggest 7" and 10" tablets are on the way

Despite there being a plethora of negativity surrounding BlackBerry at the moment, it seems as though the company is looking to fight back

Reports have suggested that RIM could well be releasing two new BlackBerry PlayBook tablets later this year featuring the much-awaited OS update, PlayBook OS 2.0.

A well-known BlackBerry news site N4BB has reported that sources have come to them with information essentially giving a breakdown of RIM's plan for the next year. This includes the possible release of a BlackBerry PlayBook 2 and a later released 10-inch model.

According to the sources the 7-inch PlayBook would feature PlayBook OS 2.0 and would come 3G-enabled, it's also reported that it would most likely be showing up in April of this year.

The larger 10-inch tablet will allegedly have LTE and be released much later with a Decemeber 2012 release date pegged. It finally suggests that the first Blackberry 10 handset would be launching in September 2012.

It's important however to take all of this with a pinch of salt, with no confirmed sources and not a peep out of RIM and BlackBerry it could be a while before anything is confirmed.

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Source: N4BB