BlackBerry has less than a one per cent sales share in US

UK now leader in European BlackBerry sales with 3.3 per cent

BlackBerry may be off the market but that hasn't stopped the bad news after an analytics report has shown that sales have all but died in key territories

BlackBerry now has a less than one per cent sales share in the US, Japan, China and Spain. According to a new report by market analytics company Kantar Worldpanel, the UK is now one of the largest sales areas for the struggling company.

In the US BlackBerry's sales share has dropped to just 0.8 per cent whilst China has seen a complete drop from 0.1 to 0. One of the largest drops in sales however was in Spain where BlackBerry has reportedly gone from 3.4 per cent to 0 in just a year.

The struggling smartphone and software maker had been all but written off after it was reported the company was about to be sold. Since then however BlackBerry has undergone a significant shake up with previous CEO Thorsten Heins leaving along with a number of senior execs.

According to the new CEO John Chen the company will be going back to its roots to focus on handsets, enterprise solutions and creating a secure environment that will attract businesses back to the brand.

This comes after a recent rumour that BlackBerry would be opening up its operating system to Android's own app store Google Play.

A leaked image appeared showing what appeared to be Google Play running on the BlackBerry Z10 but since then the company has issued a statement saying that Google Play would not be heading to BlackBerry anytime soon.

Via: The Guardian