BlackBerry 10 release date to see two new BB10 phones unveiled

BlackBerry exec confirms physical keyboard phone will be unveiled

The BlackBerry 10 release will see the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 and also a phone sporting a physical keyboard, other features include class-leading battery performance

BlackBerry will launch two new smartphones later this month including the leaked BlackBerry Z10 and a phone which will feature the famous BlackBerry physical keyboard.

In an exclusive interview with the official Vodafone blog, BlackBerry exec Bob El-Hawary has revealed that not only will RIM be announcing two phones when BlackBerry 10 is released but these phones will also sport what is being described as the 'leading edge' of battery power.

El Hawary also revealed that all BB10 phones will feature a removable battery and that come the BlackBerry 10 release date the operating system will have a record-breaking number of apps available.

Other BlackBerry 10 features include the touchscreen keyboard which scans your messages to better predict what you're going to say as well as NFC connectivity and a confirmation that a 4G BlackBerry phone is on the horizon.

Source: Vodafone Blog