Best Amazon Black Friday deals 2022 UK: early offers & buying tips

What to expect in the Amazon Black Friday sale 2022, including early deals & shopping tips

Amazon Black Friday
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Of all the Black Friday sales, the Amazon Black Friday deals is the first place any prospective deal hunter should look.

That's because Amazon has a track record stretching back well over a decade of delivering huge discounts on thousands upon thousands of premium brand products during Black Friday.

And the remarkable thing with Amazon Black Friday deals is that they are store wide, with everything from technology to fashion, appliances to toys, and jewellery to perfume, make up and more reduced in price.

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If you can't wait until Black Friday, head over to the Today's Deals (opens in new tab) page to shop cheap deals and low prices sitewide today.

Black Friday doesn't take place until Friday 25th November 2022, but Amazon is known to kick off their deals early and will have themed sales weeks in the run-up to the event. So while you might not need this page right now, keep it bookmarked so you can find the best offers from the Amazon Black Friday sale.

The sheer breadth of Black Friday deals available at Amazon means it's one of the top retailers that has to be checked out during the big event. To see the early deals from the Amazon Black Friday sale, its most popular product categories and our shopping tips for the big day, read on.

When will the Amazon Black Friday sale start?

Expected start date: Friday 18th November

Amazon is one of the best retailers to shop on Black Friday, with an extensive selection of deals on a wide range of products, including fashion, tech, entertainment, and more.

In 2021, Amazon set their early Black Friday deals live from the 8th-18th November and officially kicked off their Black Friday event on Friday 19th November. Taking this into consideration, we predict that Amazon will set off their early deals on the 7th-17th November and launch their official event on the 18th.

While you don't have to be a Prime member to shop Amazon's Black Friday sale (unlike on Amazon Prime Day (opens in new tab)), signing up to Prime will typically mean you can see the lightning deals earlier than everyone else. So, make sure to sign up to Amazon Prime (opens in new tab) to find the best deals during Black Friday 2022.

Prime Early Access Sale: when is it and what to expect

Prime Early Access Sale 2022

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It was recently announced that Amazon will be running a Prime Early Access Sale on October 11th-12th 2022 (opens in new tab). This extra Prime Day event is six weeks before the Amazon Black Friday sale and is an exclusive Prime members event which gives shoppers more time to get ready for the festive season.

The Prime Early Access Sale (opens in new tab) page is currently live on Amazon and has early deals available for shoppers to take advantage of. Make sure you bookmark our Prime Day deals 2022 (opens in new tab) page for regular updates on the sale, including how to save during Prime Day 2 and the best early deals to take advantage of.

Best Amazon Black Friday Product Categories

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Amazon Black Friday Amazon Device deals (opens in new tab)
In the Prime Day 2022 sale, Amazon devices had the biggest discounts so we expect to see the same on Black Friday. In the sale, you can expect to see low prices on Echo Dots, Echo Shows, Fire TV Sticks, Fire tablets, Kindles  and Blink security cameras, so it's a great time to update your smart home tech.
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Amazon Black Friday TV deals (opens in new tab)
Amazon is among the best retailers to shop Black Friday TV deals. It stocks all the major brands like LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony, and offers big discounts on top panels. Amazon also has a wide range of TV sizes available, as well as FHD, 4K and even 8K resolution displays.
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Amazon Black Friday Laptop deals (opens in new tab)
Amazon's selection of laptops is second to none, with lightweight, gaming, 2-in-1, MacOS and Windows 11 systems on offer. Discounts can be found on many premium makers, including Apple, Microsoft, Asus, Acer, Samsung, HP, Lenovo and Dell, too. You can filter deals by price, specs, size and more too, making it easy to find a great upgrade.
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Amazon Black Friday Headphones deals (opens in new tab)
Whether you're looking for noise cancelling over-ears, lightweight true wireless earbuds, or versatile on-ears, Amazon's Black Friday sale is ace for headphone deals. Money is cut off major brands like Bose, Sony, Beats, Sennheiser, Apple and more.
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Amazon Black Friday Phone deals (opens in new tab)
Amazon isn't normally the first place people think to shop for phones, but on Black Friday, it's well worth scoping out. There's major reductions on both iPhones and Android handsets, with Samsung, Sony, Google, Huawei and more offering their latest phones with big savings applied.
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Amazon Black Friday Tablet deals (opens in new tab)
If you're looking to grab a tablet this Black Friday, Amazon is a great destination as it stocks the full range of iPads, and a huge selection of Android tablets. Amazon also has big discounts on its own Fire tablets, including the 7, 8, 10, Kids and HD devices.
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Amazon Black Friday Beauty deals (opens in new tab)
If you’re looking to update your beauty routine this Black Friday, Amazon has amazing discounts on bestselling products. Shoppers can find discounts on leading brands like Garnier, L’Oréal, Maybelline, Burt’s Bees, Rimmel London and more.
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Amazon Black Friday Book deals (opens in new tab)
The Amazon Book & Kindle store is full of new releases and bestselling titles and authors at great prices. The Kindle store have daily 99p books up for grabs, helping you save money on top rated novels, autobiographies, children's stories and more.
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Best Reasons to Shop at Amazon for Black Friday

  • Big name brands all in one place
  • Easy website to navigate and search for whatever you want
  • Fast delivery for regular Amazon users and Prime users
  • Amazon Prime users get faster delivery, early access to deals and access to Amazon’s video, music, books and apps
  • Today’s Deals: New deals every day so you can get cheap deals in the lead up to Black Friday
  • Easy return & refund scheme
  • Echo & Fire products: Try for 30 days and return for a refund if you’re not happy
  • Amazon Basics: essential items like batteries, lightbulbs and cables are also available at low prices to go with bigger products
  • Climate pledge friendly items help you search for and buy products that are more sustainable, ideal for a consumer-heavy holiday like Black Friday
  • ‘Buy it with’ section: Amazon recommendations that go well with your original product

Tips for shopping the Amazon Black Friday sale

To get the best deals possible this Black Friday, you need to be prepared, especially if you’re shopping across multiple sites. Below are our tips on how to shop in the Amazon Black Friday sales. For tips on other retailers like Argos, Currys, John Lewis, Very, and ASOS, just click those links!

1. Create a wishlist

Start off by creating a wishlist. On Black Friday, there’s a lot of chaos and you have to be quick to get the deal you want, whether you’re in store or shopping online, so it’s best to start off with a plan. 

Create a wishlist of products that you want to buy and stick to it. For example, if you’re looking for an Echo Dot, make sure you know what style and generation you want before you start shopping the sales. As you do this, it’s also a good idea to check what site they’re available on. Since the Echo Dot is an Amazon product, you’ll want to shop at Amazon for the cheapest prices, so next to your wishlist items, note down where you can get them from.

Making a wishlist means you won’t waste time flicking through the sales waiting to have your attention grabbed by something you don’t need. This also saves you from finding something you completely fall in love with and then when you go to buy, you realise it’s already sold out. 

2. Do your research

Whether it’s products or the store, it’s important to do your research before you start spending some serious cash. For the product, we’d recommend you check its original price and protection policy. This helps you get a better idea on how good the deals are and if it’s a big tech product, you want to make sure it’ll be protected.

For the site, check delivery details and return policies. If the item isn’t going to get to you for months or you have to pick it up from the store, it’s important that you have this information so you can decide if you really want it or if you’re just going discount crazy! On return policies, you want to make sure the item can be returned, how you’d go about doing that and how many days you have to return it. 

3. Create an Amazon account

If you’re shopping from a website like Amazon, it’s a good idea to create an account before the sales. This helps you keep track of your orders and delivery process, plus you’ll typically receive discount codes and treats by having an account with them.

4. Check previous Black Friday deals

Checking the previous Black Friday deals is helpful as it gives you an idea of what to expect. This can cover previous price and percentage cuts or what products were popular last year. It’s also a well-known fact that Black Friday is a way for retailers to clear out last year’s stock in preparation for newer models. However, some of the best deals are on the older iterations of products that are just as good as the older ones, so it’s a good idea to check the popular models from last year’s sales.

Do I need a Prime account to shop the Amazon Black Friday sale?

The quick answer is... no. You don't need to have a Prime membership to shop on Amazon this Black Friday as the deals will be running sitewide throughout the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. This is different from Prime Day (opens in new tab) which is an Amazon-only event.

However, while you don't need a Prime account, having one could be helpful on Black Friday as Prime members get early access to the Amazon Black Friday sale. This means you get exclusive access to Black Friday deals before anyone else, so you can find the product you want and buy it before it sells out.

It's worth noting that the Prime membership price has recently gone up in the UK (opens in new tab), so if you're a new sign-up, you might want to consider signing up to Prime before the Black Friday sale so you can shop using the free trial. You can cancel at anytime, too.

Amazon Themed Weeks for Black Friday

In the run-up to the official Black Friday event, Amazon will typically run themed weeks or sales, so you can find price drops on specific products and categories. So far in 2022, there's been Gardening Week and Fragrance Week. All of this gives us a strong indication that these deals could make a come back during Prime Day 2 and Black Friday 2022.

The type of themed weeks we saw in the lead-up to 2021 included Toy Week, Coffee Week, Smart Home Week and more. As we get closer to the 2022 Amazon Black Friday sale, we'll highlight all the themed weeks that are on, including how long they run for and what deals you can find.

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Amazon Themed Week: Prime Early Access Sale (opens in new tab)
The Prime Early Access Sale will be taking place on 11th-12th October 2022, but you can also find early deals already on Amazon. These deals are on Amazon Devices, including Echo Dot speakers, Fire TV Sticks and many more.

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